Twin turbo 036 – zombie nation – another thing

Twin turbo 036 – zombie nation – another thing It jacks, it builds

Bavarian bad boy Zombie Nation returns to Turbo with Another Thing.

Freshly relocated to NY, Munich-born Florian Senfter showcases the seem of his artisanal Brooklyn studio with this particular expertly created Air of club-ready bombs. Title track ‘Something Else’ flexes serious sonic skills, having a low-finish which has enough weight and definition to create a skilled producer wish to give up and make a move else using their existence. The vocal hook lifts the pop potential, the trippy synth forex keep things weird enough for anyone on drugs, and also the loose drum samples add sufficient funky town to obtain normaloids on the ground. First class. Hit.

Workhorse may as well be known as ‘Zombie’s theme’… it’s classic Zombie Nation, having a devastatingly simple, appealing bassline that filters and modulates its method to craze alongside sparing hats, clap, a fat kick, some nice analog bleeps along with a single word: ‘work.’ It jacks, it builds, in the finish it literally bubbles using the man’s vibe. Unmistakable sounds and arrangement. Why don’t more producers have this a ‘sound?’ Because they’re not this good.

Horsework flips things around into even funkier formation, with similar vocal sample repeating more than a groove that appears determined to bounce it’s away across every Dirty Bird loving dancefloor / BBQ before the apocalypse.

Finally, A Figures Game separates itself in the otherwise air-tight Air-seal-of-precision (Turbo A&R clearly value quality above concision) recalling the gritty sounds of ZNs alter ego John Starlight, with a little the off-the-rails energy and madness of ZZT.

Twin turbo 036 – zombie nation – another thing hats, clap

Respect. Possibly even just a little fear. He’s so good.

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Twin Turbo 036 – Zombie Nation – Something Else