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What exactly are we speaking about whenever we discuss zombies? – the philosophical salon

Legions of cultural critics are focusing the beam of Marxist-inflected critical theory around the mass-cultural phenomenon of zombies. And just what a phenomenon they’ve become. Zombies—the rambling, publish-apocalyptic, multitudinous variety, instead of the voodoo-caused loners of Caribbean lore—have spread just like a virulent contagion since their introduction in George Romero’s 1963 Nights the Living Dead, […]

Walking dead zombies defined

AMC’s groundbreaking zombie drama, The Walking Dead, ongoing to fly full of it second week.  New figures, plot twists, and conflicts drove the experience, but it’s what we should discovered the undead horde itself which was most revealing. Here’s a fundamental introduction to The Walking Dead zombies: It normally won’t just walk, rather accelerating when […]

Philosophical zombie – rationalwiki

The idea of a piece of equipment acting like a person without getting awareness goes back to Rene Descartes. The word "zombie" inside a philosophical context was created by Robert Kirk in 1975, making popular by Daniel Dennett in 1991. Eventually, the word "zombie" was expanded to "philosophical zombie", to differentiate the philosophical concept in […]