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Brains, minds and machines

The foundation of intelligence – the way the brain produces intelligent behavior and just how we might be able to replicate intelligence in machines – is perhaps the finest condition in science. To resolve it, we will have to know how human intelligence emerges from computations in neural circuits, with rigor sufficient to breed similar […]

Brains, brains (piglet) brains!

Baby braaaaaaains take time and effort to review, since they reside within baby skulls. Scientists have lengthy wondered concerning the results of infections, diet, or birth weight – but they’re left to complete studies that relate on associations, not causation. A brand new tool to obtain much deeper in to the questions of human infant […]

Polluting of the environment rots our minds. is the fact that why we don’t do anything whatsoever about this?

In Mike Judge’s 2006 comedy, Idiocracy, the participants within an ill-fated cryogenics experiment awake five centuries later on to uncover that because of dysgenic mutation, anti-intellectualism and company capitalism the intelligence of people has fallen to harmful levels. Obama is backed by fast-food chain Carl’s Junior., and crops are failing since the fields are irrigated […]

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Friday evening (Chaired by Anne Churchland) 7 pm — Session 1 — Brains and machines  David Heeger, NYU – ORGaNICs: An idea of working memory in brains and machines Eve Marder, Brandeis – Surprising sturdiness and reliability in neuronal circuits Yoshua Bengio, Université de Montréal – Bridging the space between deep learning and neuroscience   ‘life […]