You will not believe what goes on whenever you call two point hospital!

The current news that Theme Hospital (1997) has been introduced to existence as Two Point Hospital is simply fantastic. It’s been decades since legitimately good simulation titles will be in the spotlight. Because of Two Point Studios, they behind Two Point Hospital, our hopes for once more managing, building and looking after a medical facility will quickly arrived at fruition.

The announcement trailer for 2 Point Hospital causes it to be quite obvious the humour in the original game has continued to be intact. In the funny and fascinating situation of ‘Light-Headedness’ displayed, right through to tongue-in-oral cavity references from the hospital staff’s inadequacy, the sport certainly appears like it features a great 90s feel into it. Additionally to that particular, the announcement trailer also includes a humorous Easter time egg.

Anybody acquainted with games produced in the 80s and 90s knows that ‘tip lines’ were a real factor. Stuck with that one level in Nobleman Quest VII? Donrrrt worry, simply phone Sierra’s tips line and they’d assist you to with the level. In those days, you can not merely Google a solution.

Additionally to presenting the telephone for tips, methods and guides, marketing efforts within the 90s were also mobile. Odds are good when you spotted a telephone number inside a game or advert, you can most likely refer to it as for some type of response. This is among the couple of gaming Easter time eggs which has ongoing to flourish, even just in modern games.

With this stated, the announcement trailer for 2 Point Hospital take advantage of the exact same Easter time egg. The amount within the trailer really works! Naturally, the Vamers crew dialled it to determine what can happen. SPOILER: they clarified!

Dialling the amount puts the caller into certainly one of individuals automated voice services that many companies use. The phone call then switches from a robot voice and something of individuals ‘phone voices’ that specify the help and facilities offered at Two Point Hospital. This is actually the full transcript from the call:

Oh hello. I did not help you there. For a long time at Two Point Hospital it’s been our pursuit to help and also to heal.

*Your call is moderately vital that you us. Please hold*.


At Two Point Hospital, we treat patients of all types.

*You’re number 765 within the queue*


Out group of experienced clinicians and support focus on your well-being. We’ll do whatever needs doing.

*In case your call is urgent, please call Two Point Graveyard*


Two Point Hospital. Not Far Off. It will get weird.

*Goodbye caller*

*call ends*

I love this little touch that Two Point Studios have put into their advertisement for that game. Although a little addition, it implies that the brand new studio has got the same focus on detail that made the initial game so great.

Two Point Hospital is going to be obtainable in 2018 for Home windows PC via Steam.