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An artist training ESL Lesson plan produced by George Chilton

Zombie escape. Teens, 14-17, mixed level. second conditional.

In case your school/office is following a rules it’ll have a fireplace exit plan in each and every room. It’s the type of factor you will see in your hotel door, having a plan of all of the exits, staircases, lifts and rooms. Additionally, it shows doorways, home windows, bathrooms. Yeah sure, it’s ideal for getting away danger – but additionally, it may be very good to make use of inside your class too. I will provide you with 5 fun, language and grammar wealthy uses of diets inside your classes – most of which are suitable for adults and a few for teens.

Teens love planning their way to avoid it of the zombie-infested building. Let’s be truthful, who doesn’t? This really is The Beginning and concentrates on a Zombie Apocalypse. The following inside your school, obviously. Yes, I understand, this lesson most likely falls under that icky title – Edutainment, but there’s lots of grammar-juice inside it too. So, if you would like this to actually work nicely, you’re going to need to act just a little. Never be too convincing though. RADA trained teachers should most likely remember that kids do sometimes get scared.

There are many trailers and videos you’ll find onlineOrVimeo to liven some misconception, however I’ll leave that as much as your very best judgement, as every class differs.

Lesson aims:

  • To practise giving opinion
  • To practise presentation skills
  • To make use of the 2nd conditional
  • To motivate teenagers
  • To depart the classroom atmosphere

Stage one – warmer

Place your class in groups. Let them know you have some not so good news which your expecting an appointment, that you’ve to reply to as it’s dependent on existence and dying.


Example layout.

Example Teacher Script

Get your phone –

“In the college? The number of? That’s terrible news! What shall I tell the scholars? Ok. Ok…wait…hello? Hello?”

Place the phone lower

“I possess some not so good news. Terrible news. The worst news. We’re going to need to interact – together. No, it is not unhealthy news. This not so good news is…there are Zombies within the school. Real Zombies – and we’re going to need to escape. What are you aware about Zombies?”

Now ask your students to the words and phrase they already know are linked to Zombies. Will they know any Zombie films or games? Will they have confidence in Zombies? Could they be frightened of Zombies? Why/not, etc.

Stage Two

Hands each group a duplicate from the school building plan and let them know they will utilize it to create a getaway plan. Next provide your students some language chunks to utilize like:

I believe we ought to / for me /we mustOr we have to /we’re able to / let’s – etc, etc

  • Now keep these things plan their escape – the beginning point come in your classoom – the finish point should be he exit door.
  • You could utilize this being an chance to revise ordinal figures together with your students. S’up for you.
  • You may also provide them with hindrances – if it is too easy. e.g. Everybody within the building is really a zombie, they’re not able to Door X, etc.
  • The must write their plans having a view to explaining their suggestions to all of those other class.

Stage Three

They ought to now, group by group, present their intends to all of those other class. The particular groups must listen carefully – simply because they will election to find the best escape plan. They have to remember, this can be a few existence and dying and can’t election for his or her own plan.

Hold a election to find the best plan. Make use of your judgement and right of veto to quash anything superhuman or impossible.

Stage Four

Check it out! I do not care what your Director states – it’s great to obtain the students from the classroom. Instruct the winning group to guide the category with the school, following their suggest escape route. Students should look out for Zombies along with other dangers in route. Have them quiet by stating that Zombies are drawn to noise. Reflect on the way together could it have been a great plan the truth is? Would the scholars have survived?

Stage Five – Follow-up while using second conditional

Bring the rear towards the classroom and encourage them to recap – the have planned and voted for any Zombie escape.

Now attempt to elicit the second conditonal by communicating with them. I am inclined to write questions about the board to strengthen the needed structure.

If + past simple / subject + would (‘d) + infinitive

Basically were encircled by Zombies, I’d be afraid.

  • How does one feel when we were under Zombie attack?Brisbane Zombie Walk 2009

    A diffrent plan possibly? Image by yinyang via Flickr

  • Can you consider using a different plan?
  • What can you utilize to safeguard yourself?
  • What objects would you have to survive?
  • Where would the safest devote the town be?
  • Who’d you call first?

Ask your students to reply to these questions varieties of your liking in pairs, then follow-track of a writing, which you’ll mark later.Make certain you allow model examples and keep these things answer in complete sentences giving reasons.

You could possibly do that exercise like a blog publish or like a homework.

The scholars may also write a paper article describing the miraculaous escpae in the zombies.

They might write their very own guide/poster / leaflet to surviving a spook attack (provide them with the header image for inspiration)

You’re limited only from your imagination (…and possibly curriculum).

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