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The Brains & Behavior Section of Focus, also known as B&B, is really a transdisciplinary program that promotes research collaborations and dialog through graduate courses, lectures, grants, plus much more. Researchers and students involved with the program span over the departments proven below.  **Remember to see our B&B Potential Magazine to maintain everything neuroscience at GSU** […]

Minds, brains, and law: the conceptual foundations of law and neuroscience – oxford scholarship

As neuroscientific technologies still develop and inform our knowledge of your brain, the possibilities for applying neuroscience in court proceedings also have elevated. Cognitive neuroscientists have deepened our knowledge of the complex relationship between your mind and also the brain by utilizing new techniques for example functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG). The […]

Brains, minds and machines

The foundation of intelligence – the way the brain produces intelligent behavior and just how we might be able to replicate intelligence in machines – is perhaps the finest condition in science. To resolve it, we will have to know how human intelligence emerges from computations in neural circuits, with rigor sufficient to breed similar […]

Brains, brains (piglet) brains!

Baby braaaaaaains take time and effort to review, since they reside within baby skulls. Scientists have lengthy wondered concerning the results of infections, diet, or birth weight – but they’re left to complete studies that relate on associations, not causation. A brand new tool to obtain much deeper in to the questions of human infant […]

Polluting of the environment rots our minds. is the fact that why we don’t do anything whatsoever about this?

In Mike Judge’s 2006 comedy, Idiocracy, the participants within an ill-fated cryogenics experiment awake five centuries later on to uncover that because of dysgenic mutation, anti-intellectualism and company capitalism the intelligence of people has fallen to harmful levels. Obama is backed by fast-food chain Carl’s Junior., and crops are failing since the fields are irrigated […]