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Zombie nation

The show rests around the shoulders of Ron. He begins his journey as deputy sheriff and resident goody two footwear. Go forward a couple of seasons and Ron went from the wimp inside a costume to some hardened bad ass who blasts zombies without blinking. The dirtier his precious uniform will get, the blacker his […]

Zombie nation: teaching readiness via a zombie outbreak

By Carol Okupniak, RN, MSN, BC, Drexel College College of Nursing & Health Professions CDC’s Zombie Readiness Campaign was the catalyst that inspired Drexel University’s College of Nursing & Health Professions, Center for Interdisciplinary Clinical Simulation and exercise, to organize doctors for just about any disaster by developing a Zombie Apocalypse within our own lab. […]

Zombie nation – the daily reckoning

Creating and sustaining a nation of zombies is costly. Large sections of america population happen to be switched into zombies. Retirees. Medicare dependents. Food stamp recipients. Disabled people. They aren’t always bad people. They aren’t always dishonest or lazy. But instead of increase wealth, they consume it. And if you have diet program them, your […]

Halloween thrills: zombie nation

Getting hit the mainstream together with his 90s chart party area track, Kernkraft 400 (keep in mind that?), Florian Senfter also known as Zombie Nation has since been keeping busy with releases on Turbo Tracks, Cocoon and Worldwide Deejay Gigolo Recs. When he isn’t busy going berserk around the sequencers, he’s half of ZZT with […]

Feature each week: zombie nation

Following any sort of accident during the making of an electrical plant, a mysterious illness starts to spread, producing a zombie epidemic. Thus begins Zombie Iceland, the hilariously nasty debut novel by award-winning journalist Nanna Árnadóttir. Printed within the No. 5 2011 October-December issue of Atlantica. By Ásta Andrésdóttir. Illustrations from Zombie Iceland by Hugleikur […]