Zombie nation

rick grimes

The show rests around the shoulders of Ron. He begins his journey as deputy sheriff and resident goody two footwear. Go forward a couple of seasons and Ron went from the wimp inside a costume to some hardened bad ass who blasts zombies without blinking. The dirtier his precious uniform will get, the blacker his soul will get. Although there’s a host of other intriguing figures, watching the slow destruction of Rick’s optimism and hope is fascinating inside a worryingly sadistic way.

Zombies are a simple target men. Toss in bloodstream and breasts and lots of guys is going to be hooked. Causeing this to be genre attractive to women is harder. Fortunately for all of us, 2013 was the entire year that TV executives finally realized that- watch for it- women could be interesting figures too! I understand, I did not view it coming either.

Within the last number of TWD, the women arrived to their personal. All aspects of femininity is symbolized. From youthful Janet who helps you to feed and look after the group, to Michonne who uses zombies as pets and wields an enormous samurai sword like she’s auditioning for Kill Bill. They attract audiences because they’re strong, realistic and most just big breasted arm chocolate for that hunky hero.

The planet is all messed up. From terrorism to climatic change to economic meltdown, the long run doesn’t look wonderful. TWD taps directly into that feeling of panic inside a frightening, yet fascinating, way. The figures are raw, the the situation is brutal and also the authors look after every market. Ignore stripper Nazi zombies The Walking Dead may be the solution.

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