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The seem of the geek’s heart breaking are only able to be duplicated on the Mosrite guitar.

Which was the company of guitar the Ventures, the seminal surf band, utilized in 1964 on which I remember when i contended was the very first geek-rock album. Since the styles to The Outer Limits and also the Twilight Zone Television shows, The Ventures wide launched the area-surf style, clearing the area for future bands for example Man or Astroman? and also the Reverend Horton Heat.

A couple of several weeks ago, I’d the opportunity to interview The Ventures’ lead guitarist, Nokie Edwards, concerning the record. Was he, too, a sci-fi-loving geekazoid? Was there something about sci-fi like a genre that inspires musicians to greatness?

Together with his answer, Edwards may as well have smacked me together with his whammy bar. The Ventures were posers. “Whenever a pattern will come out, we’d hop on it,” he stated.

But here’s where this geek’s heart mends: Bands comprised of sci-fi fans, whose songs are nearly solely tributes towards the genre, are finally finding their supporters. With 134,000 geeks likely to attend North Park Comic- Disadvantage Worldwide now, our city should become geek-rock ground zero.

For that second year consecutively, local nerds have organized a celebration known as Comic-Concert: An Evening of Geek Rock. Began by Matt Sernaker, a 26-year-old San Diegan who’s visited every Comic-Disadvantage since he was 2, the show will feature their own band, Random Gibberish, along with the Megas, a La-based group that covers music in the classic gaming franchise Mega Man.

“The proven fact that people originate from around the globe to [Comic-Disadvantage] states something,” Sernaker states. “I think there is a void within the music area that some bands are beginning to fill.”

Sernaker describes his band as a mix of comedy and rock, a genre that’s been gaining mainstream momentum because of groups like Jack Black’s Tenacious D and massively popular Television shows like Lost. This past year, Random Gibberish won a nationwide contest to produce a theme song for that program, and that is helped raise the band’s profile. Fan communities will also be becoming big enough to sustain various art according to science-fiction franchises.

“The geek subculture generally happens to be involved with art and costumes and fan films, however it’s trying into music,” Sernaker states. “The Internet generally has permitted for much more geek-rock stuff in the future about. That’s virtually the way we distribute all of our music and just how we gather the majority of our fans.”

Occasions like Comic-Disadvantage, along with the North Park Geek Pride Fest earlier this May, indicate that geek rock is spilling over in to the physical world.

“What we are seeing now’s that because geekdom and, let us say, geek-inspired qualities tend to be more marketable and there’s a crowd to eat it, individuals are more asked to try it out,” states Arturo Garcia, a sci-fi fanatic who DJ’d Geek Pride Fest as @aboynamedart. (This is a Twitter reference, obviously.) He’ll be spinning in the Geek Women Network‘s “Tweet-Up” during Comic-Disadvantage.

“I think sci-fi and fantasy just naturally persuade folks to grow themselves,” Garcia states. “That’s only the nature from the genre.”

The Canton Mudders, a nearby band that performed Geek Pride Fest, may also shine during Comic-Disadvantage week once they play at “ICONS,” a comic book-Disadvantage-related party placed on by promoter Jon Block. The band’s songs frequently pay tribute to sci-fi television creator Joss Whedon its name is really a mention of the Whedon’s short-resided space-western show, Firefly, which accumulated a massive and devout geek following.

“If you explained in 2007 we’d be carrying this out this year, I would not have believed it,” the band’s lead singer, Mark Kramer, states. “Joss Whedon fans, generally, are hardcore. Many people don’t even like our music but like this we sing about Firefly and purchase the CD and are available to the shows.”

Not so long ago, Kramer sported a crimson mohawk because the frontman for that North Park punk band Café Bela. Accepting his inner nerd wasn’t easy, he states.

“Someone once explained: ‘Write that which you know,’” Kramer states. “Well, I have been a nerd my existence. Why even fake being awesome?” I posed exactly the same questions I requested Edwards towards the Canton Mudders: Can there be something about sci-fi that inspires a lot music? So why do bands write songs about The Exorcist and never romantic comedies like When Harry Met Sally?

“Maybe it’s that sci-fi is all about other worlds and makes metaphorical references to real existence it’s simpler for musicians and folks to savor,” states Ryan Burdick, the band’s drummer.

“Plus,” Kramer adds, “they have better explosions than the usual Megabites Ryan movie.”

DJ @aboynamedart will spin in the Geek Women Network Tweet-On Friday, This summer 23, at Jolt’N Joes. The Canton Mudders play at ICONS on Saturday, This summer 24, in the Horton Plaza Event Center. Random Gibberish performs with Kirby Krackle and also the Megas on Sunday, This summer 25, at Dream Street Live. For Comic-Disadvantage details, see comic-disadvantage.org.

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