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Separate stars merged right into a universe(sailor man moon season 5 fanfiction)

The vibrant street lamps illuminated because the sunset had fell upon Ichi no Hashi park. A slave to silently were the completely new couple themselves, Usagi Tsukino and Seiya You. The lengthy haired blond rested her mind on Seiya’s shoulder, getting crumbs throughout his jacket from dinner at Makoto’s home. A lengthy path brought to […]

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Sailor man galaxia

Galaxia may be the senshi of destruction and also the only rival to Eternal Sailor man Moon. She supports the ultimate pressure of destruction within the Sailor man Moon world, the Azure Very, making her easily the most powerful senshi within the universe and world apart from Sailor man Moon. She’s an arrogant senshi who […]

Universe cauldron

Information The Universe Cauldron was the birthplace of stars and all sorts of life within the universe. It was initially pointed out in Act 47 from the manga, and it was mentioned to become in the center from the Milky Way universe, in Sagittarius Zero Star. It’s the most effective star within the world. Things […]