Separate stars merged right into a universe(sailor man moon season 5 fanfiction)

The vibrant street lamps illuminated because the sunset had fell upon Ichi no Hashi park. A slave to silently were the completely new couple themselves, Usagi Tsukino and Seiya You. The lengthy haired blond rested her mind on Seiya’s shoulder, getting crumbs throughout his jacket from dinner at Makoto’s home. A lengthy path brought to the bench the dumb blonde and also the jet blacked hair man using the ponytail sitting. The road was covered by flowers in the grass patches.

 Slowy sneaking up, a youthful child walked in the flower covered path. Because the couple had cuddled close together, the youngsters eyes started to tear up because of the considered unfaithfulness.

“Usagi! What’s happening with another man! Great. As soon as I return in the 30th century to go to you and also Mamo-chan, I’ve found you with another man!” The kid quivered. 

“Chibi-Usa! Listen, me and Seiya happen to be inside a bett-“

“Usagi you idiot! What the heck is wron-” 

“Chibi-Usa! Not dare use that word before me!” The blonde sprang from seat and rested her hands on her behalf daughter’s shoulder, “In either case, Seiya and that i have been in a much better relationship that me and Mamo-chan ever were. Me and me Mamo where very distant. I can not repeat the same for me personally and Seiya. Chibi-Usa, look. I am sorry.” 

“Usagi, I can not you think you probably did this. If you do not reconcile with Mamo-chan, I will not be born! Would you like that!” The pink haired girl trembled, “Seiya is his name. Well rather of greeting him, I’d favour my fist greet him. Please Usagi, I beg individuals, be around Mamo-chan!And to tell the truth, this Seiya character looks a lot more like a lady than the usual man.”

“Chibi-Usa, Seiya isn’t a lady. And should not I function as the someone to ask what the heck is wrong along with you? This is not the way you treat your mom! Me and Mamo-chan most likely experienced a great deal to give birth for you! I’m not sure if this sounds like the way we elevated you within the 30th century therefore, I have to be considered a horrible parent. So start acting just like a good child!” Usagi required.

“Wait, that little kid is the daughter? Why is Mamoru always approaching? He’s whatever you ever discuss, Odango,” The jet black haired man rose up in the old bench.

“Seiya. Ahahahahahahahaha, the thing is, Mamo-chan is definitely an old subject. I’d of didn’t remember about him if were not for your little twerp who states be my future daughter,” The blonde murmured.

Chibi-Usa screwed another direction and ran. She desired to forget this Seiya guy. She wanted nothing related to Usagi. She stopped. She ran aside from the street and sitting. Tears ran lower hrr face as she required of this frustration in. She’d finally recognized that Pluto was right. You shouldn’t toy as time passes. Maybe if she’d left things alone, this could of never happened. It’s funny just how much one factor can perform to affect all time itself. If she’d left things alone, she could of still existed. She understood in her own heart that because of Seiya, she will not be born…..

“Seiya, I am sorry you’d to witness that. It isn’t my fault that my daughter is really a brat, really.” The blond sighed. 

Seiya slowy got closer and closer enough where it had been claustrophobic. He leaned in and rested his hands on his lover’s rosie cheekbones. Both of them slowy lened in then and together kissed. It had not been one of individuals quick pecks. It had been something a lot more special. 

The following day, Usagi ‘gracefully’ rose up off her bed to become welcomed by her feline, Luna. She slowy walked lower the steps in to the kitchen, where her mother was making breakfast. 

“Ah, Usagi! Your up early! This really is unusual. Even though this is amazing, If only you’d of saved this for college. But, the reason for up early anyways?” Her mother, Ikuko Tsukino, asked.

“I’m not sure Mother. I simply had the need to awaken. Surprisingly, it had not been Luna who automobile me up!” Her daughter clarified inside a drousy tone. 

“Ok last one, you heard right. I made you and also Shingo breakfast. Today it’s omurice!” Her mother stated happily because of the excitement of her daughter really getting out of bed and never over sleeping like her usual lazy self.

“Omurice in the morning? That sounds good but, I’ve somewhere to visit. It’s somewhere using the women,” Usagi went by her mother as she headed back upstairs. 

“Usagi! Get the butt back lower here!” Ikuko required.

“What Mother?” Usagi requested.

“Where are you currently going anyways?” Her mother stated.

“A coffee shop.” The blonde clarified.

“Ok then. Just ensuring you were not going anywhere suspicious just like a bar or somewhere just like a connect place. Anyways, have some fun!” Her mother smiled.

In the coffee shop, Usagi with patience anxiously waited on her buddies and Seiya in the future. But rather of Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako, she remained with Seiya.

“Seiya! Where would be the others?” Usagi asked the boy.

“You never know? Besides, it may be better this the way in which. Just us. You realize Odango, the thought of a few inside a coffee shop together, secluded from everybody who could bother us appears romantic. Seems like something that might be fun.” Seiya imagined.

“It will. But no this can be a little an excessive amount of? I am talking about, we ought to continue the truly romantic dates afterwards. Besides, this really is weird,” Usagi sighed

“Why?” Seiya requested.

“Because I am practically dating a lady. I am guessing I am bisexual then hehe,” Usagi chuckled.

“Odango, your sex does not matter. Neither does mine. Everything matter is the fact that I’ve my princess, which all you’ll do is simply glom onto me,” Seiya whispered in her own ear, which tickled a bit. 

To fill up the small conversation, it ended after some peck around the brow, to some longer hug around the lips. The 2 walked to the small coffee shop.

“Stupid Usagi. You are always late.” The women welcomed them because they all walked to some table……… 



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