Sailor man moon universe chapter 1, a sailor man moon fanfic

Sailor man moon universe chapter 1, a sailor man moon fanfic just how

Chapter 1, The Prelude~

Long ago once the Moon Kingdom only agreed to be beginning, the Universe Embassy started. As the early people of Earth thought their universe was the world which was the only real universe, another galaxies that existed from sight were fighting. Two galaxies that butted heads most frequently were the Andromeda Universe Kingdom and also the Cartwheel Universe Kingdom. They fought against more than a great treasure known as the Platinum Gemstone. Similar to the Moon Kingdom had its Silver Very the Andromeda Universe had the Platinum Gemstone. Yet finally the Andromeda Universe Kingdom guaranteed it’s treasure then gave it to Queen Galatia therefore it wouldn’t are a fight again. Afterward the Universe Embassy and all sorts of galaxies were running quite easily. Because of Queen Galatia, the queen of galaxies (the Omniverse), getting forth the Universe Sailor man Senshi (Players/Soldiers).

Unlike the Sailor man Senshi of Earth, there wasn’t any true leader by bloodstream. A minimum of not too was known. The Universe Sailor man Senshi didn’t have guidance such as the others had Luna and Artemis. However they had Universe Sailor man Andromeda who’d always demonstrated herself is the most powerful, bravest, smartest, and many unselfish from the Universe Sailor man Senshi. Therefore Queen Galatia declared her the best choice. Universe Sailor man Andromeda was the most powerful because she’d telekinetic abilities and did not need to have a product to fight with the effectiveness of one. But utilizing an item could enhance her attacks. She was the bravest because she wasn’t afraid to complete anything and she or he wasn’t scared of anything. Even dying or doing something resulting in it she didn’t fear. She was the neatest because she could always solve a puzzle presented in a single of the missions called the first awakened Universe Sailor man so she’d to choose others in crowds of millions then alert Queen Galatia. She also needed to show these their attacks which she’d discovered herself. She could know any Universe Sailor’s attacks by simply seeing them. Why and just how were unknown but she could can just learn if she sees them within their Universe Sailor man form. Right now your wondering what this announced leader appears like along with other reasons for her. Well her real name, family, history, and origin continue to be unknown but she was discovered like a youthful child by Queen Galatia within the Andromeda Universe. Hence they known as her Hoshiko which meant "star child". She’d perfect side bangs along with deep red hair that fell to some length which was about 6 inches from her ankles. While the size of her hair was disturbing with a individuals feelings were abolished when you looked beyond the length. It felt much like threads of the greatest satin or silk and it was always superbly stored. Her hair was insanely curly yet it’d grown such a long time the curls had dissipated to simply the subtlest of ringlets. If cut to her shoulders her hair would twine into tight ringlets and then any shorter would become unmanageable curls. Her eyes were a chilling stone grey only the colour will make you cringe. Her eyes were always alight, whether with anger, sadness, buoyancy, intellect, understanding, confidence, or astonishment. As though she was produced by the good thing about the Galaxies, she was perfect around the outdoors. Yet inside her heart there have been many holes and hollow places right plus the maximum part. That maximum part contained her compassionate, and mildly protective, passion for Queen Galatia and her Universe Sailor man Players. These were the nearest she’d even visited family. However there is Kenshin, Queen Galatia’s boy. Although she’d developed alongside him, only five years apart, and try to been considered his little sister she’d always respected him. As she got older that admiration grew to become more powerful until she found herself deeply in love with him. Yet her heart was torn as she understood that Kenshin would not love her. She would be a little sister in the eyes. He’d get out there and look for a esteemed lady which was more beautiful then she could ever aspire to be. So having a sigh she locked away individuals feelings.

As time passed the Universe Sailor man Senshi only grew to become more effective and, like most of the individuals the Universe Embassy, appeared to age incredibly slow. Also, all of them grew to become knowledgeable about the Moon Kingdom. Queen Galatia and Queen Tranquility grew to become very close. Actually, Queen Galatia carefully viewed Queen Serenity’s Existence Star. One of the trillions and trillions of stars, every living factor were built with a Existence Star. Queen Galatia was naturally perfect at locating a specific person or thing’s Existence Star coupled with trained Hoshiko to choose a particular Existence Star too. Because the leader of Universe Sailor man Senshi, she’d so that you can keep an eye on another senshi and make certain these were okay when they were away or on the solo mission. Therefore she perfected herself inside it, wishing secretly that Kenshin could be astounded by her or at best find her helpful in some way.

Queen Galatia ongoing to look at Queen Serenity’s Existence Star until eventually it flickered and went.

This is when our story is bound to begin.

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