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How to Thrive in an Apocalypse (with Illustrations)

Brace yourself for the ultimate survival challenge with these vivid strategies. In a world devoid of internet, a comprehensive survival guide becomes your bible for navigating disaster-ridden landscapes. Secure your vehicle beneath the cover of trees or structures, cloaking it from potential threats soaring above. Camouflage is your ally in remaining undetected. Maintain secrecy and […]

Zombie apocalypse medicine meeting

It’s almost time… isn’t it time? Arizona Condition College is preparing for that first annual Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting in a few days, and they’ve lately released the official itinerary featuring numerous amazing panels, zombie workshops, and loudspeakers. Our personal survival expert Cameron Carlson is going to be there to go over emergency management and […]

5 Best reasons to stay in helsinki once the inevitable zombie apocalypse comes ⋆ nina niskanen

Tech Crunch printed articles around mid-The month of january where Monty Munford noted off-hands that Finland has lots of explosive device shelters it’s what the law states. And in addition to this individuals explosive device shelters consist of necessary goodies for that zombie apocalypse(although it’s entirely possible that what the law states-makers were thinking about […]

The inevitable zombie apocalypse and stuff… « thanks for visiting the asylum

“Every family requires a zombie invasion plan.”  ~American Center for Zombie Apocalypse Readiness Talking about the inevitable Zombie apocalypse, the folks for that Ethical Management of the Undead (PETU) did form that council in 1994 and still focusing on creating proper protocol for dealing appropriately with individuals people who are Living Impaired. Incidentally, zombies are […]