5 Best reasons to stay in helsinki once the inevitable zombie apocalypse comes ⋆ nina niskanen

5 Best reasons to stay in helsinki once the inevitable zombie apocalypse comes ⋆ nina niskanen exactly kind for

Tech Crunch printed articles around mid-The month of january where Monty Munford noted off-hands that Finland has lots of explosive device shelters it’s what the law states. And in addition to this individuals explosive device shelters consist of necessary goodies for that zombie apocalypse(although it’s entirely possible that what the law states-makers were thinking about more like nuclear war) we have a minumum of one axe, a pork radio, medical supplies, dried goods, water because the explosive device shelters are often employed for storage in non-apocalyptic situations, assorted stuff people store there that you can use to construct barricades so the shamblors don’t cope with the doorway.

4. Small country with lots of shoreline

There are approximately 5,six million individuals the entire of Finland, with roughly 590 000 of these residing in Helsinki. Helsinki can also be around the coast with several bigger islands around, where you could escape, if the landmass become too infested. If pressed, you can even go swimming towards the nearest ones, although I wouldn’t recommend it much beyond the start of August or prior to the finish of May but hypothermia may be more suitable to being torn to shreds through the walking dead inside a pinch and when situations are not too dire, you can always take one of the numerous, many small motorboats easily found across the shoreline.

3. Military base

There’s a military base in Santahamina that is a tropical barely from the shoreline (here, discover for yourself). There’s another military base some 30 kilometers away, if the one out of Santahamina prove insufficient. The military can obviously prove useful as well as their closeness means that they’ll achieve you well prior to dinner along with a show.

2. Closeness to nature

Sipoo lies just past the borders of Helsinki which is all farms along with other rural stuff, meaning the big predators like baby wolves and bears aren’t that a long way away. It normally won’t frequently wander within the city limits but when the dead start rising, the predators will not be far behind. Even though they are usually frightened of humans, the defenselessness from the shamblors along with the sweet, sweet scent of decaying flesh is going to be irresistible towards the average scavenger and result in well-given bears and fewer zombies for that survivors to bother with.

1. All of the comforts of the good-sized city

5 Best reasons to stay in helsinki once the inevitable zombie apocalypse comes ⋆ nina niskanen re pretty far here

When the time comes to loot or die, Helsinki’s first got it all from designer footwear to weaponry to food and medical supplies. But with barely over 500, 000 people, disseminate over some 200 km² there aren’t enough individuals to create truly apocalyptic zombie hordes and, permanently measure just about everything is simple to achieve even when walking. Have fun, survivors!

Bonus: Winter is originating

We’re pretty far here up north meaning winter and cold will never be really that a long way away. I do not think there’s have you been any actual canon round the aftereffect of cold weather on zombies but I’m prepared to bet it isn’t exactly kind for them. Maybe they won’t die however they would at the minimum be slowed lower by winter. So a minimum of the apocalypse will not be lasting for very lengthy.

Remember Helsinki, for your zombie apocalypse needs.

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