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Ns-timeout – netscaler command reference

The next operations can be carried out on "ns timeout": set unset show set ns timeout Sets timeout values for a number of facets of the NetScaler appliance.Caution: Modifying these values can impact system performance. Synopsys set ns timeout [-zombie ] [-httpClient ] [-httpServer ] [-tcpClient ] [-tcpServer ] [-anyClient ] [-anyServer ] [-anyTcpClient ] […]

Job control instructions

  Inside a script, managing a command without anyone's knowledge by having an ampersand (&) could cause the script to hold until ENTER is hit. This appears to happen with instructions that email stdout. It's really a major annoyance. #!/bin/party # ls -l & echo "Done." party$ ./ Done. [bozo@localhost test-scripts]$ total 1 -rwxr-xr-x […]

Don’t forfeit your command-and-control center to some zombie army – southtech blog

With a rise in Distributed Denial and services information (Web sites) attacks and packet flooding volume, its apparent that online hackers are utilizing compromised web servers for his or her malicious activities. By infecting servers, these dastardly infiltrators produce a Zombie command-and-control center to direct their malicious activities from. Online hackers also have walked from […]