Zombie exodus part 3: supply depot walkthrough

The beginning of the mission presents you with supply selection. Overall, this isn’t a harmful mission, so selecting products is basically preference. The only real suggested item is night vision goggles, because it enables you to view at nighttime within the first unlit area.

Many selections within this mission are just presented to divulge different teams of clues resulting in the general mystery from the depot. This increases the replayability from the mission.

The majority of the conversation choices prior to the Depot don’t have any effect on failure or success within the mission but affect relationship scores. In the depot, the best is to buy beyond the door, and many possibilities listed here are just to include some variety to game play. Select “Let Javier attempt to open the doorway when you stand watch.”

Whether you block the doorway only adds some depth to future occasions we’ll skip within this walkthrough, so for the time being, choose either option.

After entering the depot, Javier rushes lower the hall to spread out a door. Allowing him to spread out it or otherwise doesn’t have direct impact, although it does reflect your relationship to him. There’s you don’t need to search another room upstairs (the pc room) because it only is supplied like a red sardines. Should you choose decide to enter and employ the pc, type “list” to determine the potential instructions.

  • lights: activates lights downstairs that makes it simpler to advance using that area as well as helps you to steer clear of the zombies. Should you required night vision goggles, turning lights on is not required.
  • central: may be used to trigger the big event with Colin, leader of the military group. The big event is triggered in several ways, so doing this now is not required.
  • shutdown: releases poisonous gas which kills you if you don’t put on the gasmask based in the stairwell

Downstairs Storage Space

Within the storage space, the very best path to decide to try trigger the Colin event would be to perform the following:

  1. Look into the user interface
  2. Press the button marked command
  3. Leave the user interface
  4. Mind back upstairs

Throughout the Colin event, it’s best to not supply him with together with your real name or location. If however you want to battle the military team he transmits, it’s a fun event that provides possibilities to create traps and outsmart the enemy group.

For the time being, this walkthrough will follow the assumption you’re considering to provide an imitation location. Continue the conversation in whichever way you want, because the various options simply offer different information but don’t have any effect on failure or success.

The big event ends once the female captive splits up the conversation you’re getting with Colin. She gives you the password for that garage area. If you’re a researcher, you need to get rid of the zombies now, because you will gain valuable research examples. Otherwise, killing them is not required.

Next, “Enter the code within the control panel”. Next choice, you’re taken through a number of screens that describes the garage area and results in two choices: investigating a moaning noise or inspect the odd wall leading from the garage. The very first option enables you to identify Javier, which results in finding he’s have contracted the Zeta virus. This area of the Supply Depot chapter is principally deliver to entertainment and Javier’s character development. Should you bypass this encounter, you might suffer hits for your relationship scores along with other survivors who feel you abandoned Javier.

If you opt to inspect the wall, the next major option is when deciding on an automobile. The18 wheeler carries probably the most cargo, therefore if the Cathedral is have less food, go ahead and take truck. Using the jeep provides some chance for utility later on missions partly 4. The motorcycle is really a vanity choice only.

Back in the depot, if you didn’t find Javier, you’re asked on his location. Selecting either from the first couple of options provides no lack of humanity or relationship score along with other survivors.

The following chapter is really a resolution from the depot mission, and when you adopted this walkthrough, you will simply possess a short debriefing with Tom to talk about the occasions from the mission. Next you’ve got a short scene with Emma in which you discuss the approaching Zombie Exodus along with a glimpse into her current psyche. You learn a little more concerning the mysterious girl around the block partly 1.

Click the connect to the particular mission:

  • Medicine Run
  • Fuel Mission

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