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“Every family requires a zombie invasion plan.”  ~American Center for Zombie Apocalypse Readiness

Talking about the inevitable Zombie apocalypse, the folks for that Ethical Management of the Undead (PETU) did form that council in 1994 and still focusing on creating proper protocol for dealing appropriately with individuals people who are Living Impaired. Incidentally, zombies are searching for brains, meaning there’s a large number of individuals my hometown who don’t have anything to fret about…

What on the planet performs this relate to writing? Easy…it’s my newest type of self motivation. See, each time Personally i think like stopping or going for a break, I’m simply likely to suppose Zombies will eat my brains.

“Write! Or I’ll eat you.”

Didn’t I say to you? Efficiency is paramount. As well as how cost-effective it’s. Zombies are actually excellent pets—they don’t make use of the facilities (it’s something related to that whole regenerative cell factor), so when they get hungry, I simply feed them certainly one of my obnoxious neighbors. I’m focusing on my cul-de-sac once we speak…

Zombie Apocalypse Readiness tip #1: Put around you cripples, they’ll never out cost you. Better safe than sorry (or politically correct).

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