Sailor man galaxia

Sailor man galaxia also the only rival

Galaxia may be the senshi of destruction and also the only rival to Eternal Sailor man Moon. She supports the ultimate pressure of destruction within the Sailor man Moon world, the Azure Very, making her easily the most powerful senshi within the universe and world apart from Sailor man Moon. She’s an arrogant senshi who wants the most powerful star as her planet, and due to that, she caused galactic and perhaps universal chaos as she stole the Sailor man Crystals of fellow senshi to make herself more powerful.


In her own civilian form, Galaxia has lengthy, wavy, hair that is golden orange and gradates right into a vibrant red. She wears a gentle lime eco-friendly dress that will reach lower to her ft. She’s red eyes.

Like a Sailor man Senshi, her uniform is totally different from another Sailor man Senshi within the anime and manga. Her Sailor man Fuku is pure gold having a gold mind dress, much like a Russian kokoshnik. Her hair continues to be folded to squeeze into the headress, overall resembling a crown. She wears orange lipstick and lightweight crimson eyeshadow.


Sailor man Galaxia was created with an unknown planet, which she known as "trash", and resided alone and miserable to have an unknown period of time before finding that they had the strength of a Sailor man Senshi. She considered her world not adequate enough and thus began on the quest to locate a place she considered worthy.

While wandering the world looking for purpose, she grew to become conscious of the presence of a location where all of the stars were born. Eventually, she was stopped by an incarnation of Chaos whom looked like Wiseman and mentioned this unique place, and that he informed her the birthplace from the stars, the middle of the universe, was the Sagittarius Zero Star.

Her beginning objective ended up being to find more power, and to do this, she collected all of the Sailor man Crystals she may find. She created her base of operations in the Universe Cauldron, the birthplace from the stars, and built a real business that they known as Shadow Galactica, together with her power centered at her castle, Galaxia Palace. As she searched for out Sailor man Crystals, she acquired supporters on the way with whom she guaranteed power to acquire their service and dying to any or all who declined to participate her. A number of individuals supporters wiped out the Senshi of the home planets and stole their Sailor man Crystals under Galaxia’s order, and as a result they used that capacity to grew to become the Sailor man Animamates.

Galaxia understood, however, that Chaos was just helping her to be able to have her do its dirty work. She wasn’t effective enough to defeat Chaos alone, and for that reason she planned to make use of the most powerful Senshi very, the Silver Crystal to defeat Chaos. Galaxia found the Solar System and taken the Sailor man Crystals from the Solar System Senshi, effectively killing them, whilst finding different ways to torment Sailor man Moon whom she believed was the main reason war and evil existed, and therefore why in her own mind Sailor man Moon, Chaos and also the very must be destroyed. She then recreated the Senshi’s physiques, in addition of Prince Endymion, as her vessels and purchased these to fight Sailor man Moon to result in her discomfort. If Sailor man Moon would succumb to anger and despair, Chaos could seize control of her their two opposing forces would cause both beings to self-destruct, departing Sailor man Galaxia because the most powerful Sailor man Senshi.

For this finish, she put the Solar System Senshi’s Sailor man Crystals in to the Universe Cauldron, melting them into nothingness, making Endymion hug her boots before she put him in too. His dying effectively caused the disappearance of Sailor man Chibi Moon, who’d showed up in the future to assist her mother. Sailor man Moon’s grief infused Chaos with power, but Chaos used that power to not strike Sailor man Moon lower, but against Galaxia herself, hurling her within the precipice toward the Cauldron. Sailor man Moon saved Galaxia and guarded her from Chaos’ darkness together with her own shining light, and when dealing with Sailor man Moon’s wholesomeness, hope and love, Galaxia lost her will to battle. Her bracelets then shattered, killing her, her final ideas because Sailor man Moon may be the universe’s brightest star, whose power never was hers to possess which she finally learned what it really intended to be gifted together with her own Senshi Very.. To become a Sailor man Senshi.

It’s a possibility that whenever all of the Sailor man Senshi’s Sailor man Crystals were free of the Universe Cauldron and therefore resurrecting the Senshi, Galaxia too was elevated.


Galaxia was an arrogant senshi who had been unsatisfied using the power she held. She appeared to possess a large ego too, since she was believing that she deserved to achieve the most effective star within the entire world. Apart from that she was usually calm and picked up, as seen with how she mostly acted when round her minions and Sailor man Moon. But, that doesn’t mean she was lacking a temper.


Sailor man Galaxia was probably the most effective Sailor man Senshi within the universe apart from Sailor man Moon. Her Sailor man Very, referred to as Azure Very, was the best pressure of destruction. Galaxia can certainly bust planets, and sure stars together with her unique approach to pointing their way. She’s also sufficiently strong to simply fight a complete powered Eternal Sailor man Moon using the Silver Very too.

For her abilities, Galaxia can fire orbs of one’s from her bracelets that removes an individual’s Sailor man Very She will also generate lightning around herself when displaying her forces. Typically, Galaxia appears so that you can control energy of the cosmic origin, as observed in her attack, Galactica Super String. She’s had random appearances of utilizing Telekinesis and Telepathy to help her plans, mostly in her own encounters with Sailor man Moon. Like every other senshi, she has the ability of flight.


  • Galactica Bracelets: Her usual weapon, Galaxia uses these bracelets to fireplace blasts of one’s in an enemy. Destroying them entirely and allowing Galaxia to consider their Sailor man Very from their store.
  • Azure Very: Galaxia’s sailor man very and also the ultimate pressure of destruction, this very enables Galaxia an enormous reserve of one’s, and the opportunity to cause destruction.


  • Galactica Super String – It made an appearance to develop a massive wave of cosmic energy from her body, which she could direct together with her body or fire in an enemy together with her hands.
  • Galactica Inflation – It made an appearance to develop a field of crackling dark lightning and power around Galaxia she’d then hurry her enemy, overwhelming all of them with negative power, the lightning being her attack.


  • Sailor man Galaxia, while influenced to do something by Chaos, wasn’t under any possession or control because of it, unlike her anime counterpart. Her poor choices were possibly the consequence of becoming an adult on her behalf wartorn and hate-filled planet.
  • Sailor man Galaxia includes a Sailor man Very that’s nearly as effective as Sailor man Moon’s.
  • The Azure Very, Galaxia’s Sailor man Very, is comparable to look at to Sailor man Moon’s first manga broach.
  • Sailor man Galaxia was among the couple of Sailor man Senshi who was without a change phrase.
  • Sailor man Galaxia’s civilian name is unknown. Though, like Sailor man Kakyuu, Galaxia might be her birth name instead of talking about a universe.