New lawrenceville store focused on everything zombie « cbs pittsburgh

New lawrenceville store focused on everything zombie « cbs pittsburgh brand new

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A minimal budget cult classic filmed in 1968 has earned Pittsburgh the title “Zombie Capital around the globe.”

George Romero’s “Night from the Living Dead” was the very first inside a lengthy type of zombie movies.

Now, before Halloween, a store in Lawrenceville has opened up its doorways to any or all things zombie.

Full of zombie T-shirts, artwork and videos, it’s fittingly known as “House from the Dead.”

“One from the first things we’d to complete was put lower a brand new floor,” states co-owner Stu Neft.

He partnered with business partner Chuck Cramer to create new “life” towards the vacant space on Butler Street.

Neft states they were given the concept watching television.

“After watching a chapter of ‘The Walking Dead’ we simply switched to one another, almost concurrently, and stated ‘We should open a spook store,’” he stated.

Movie posters share surfaces with local artists who’re clearly off-the-wall.

Though Pittsburgh is the cradle of zombie filmography, Neft highlights a poster that appears to state otherwise.

“Doing some investigation to spread out the shop, we discovered that the initial zombie movie that people may find would be a German film made in 1919: ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,’ Neft stated. “So, zombies have been in existence for nearly 100 years.”


House from the Dead

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