Discussing the load of the viral hit with zombie nation

Four Over Four had the chance to talk with DJ and producer Florian Seftner, or since you may likely know him, Zombie Nation, in front of his headline performance on The month of january seventh at Webster Hall‘s weekly event, Gotham.

How have you get where you’re going to electronic music?

I had been a part of a crew of buddies so we organized techno warehouse parties within the mid 90s, mainly to can play records before a crowd. Around that point I received my first sampler, an Akai MPC 2000 that we still love.

What eventually opened up the doorway for your career?

The very first record on DJ Gigolo Records was the definitive beginning point. A few several weeks next record was launched I had been playing shows in clubs throughout Europe, and I needed to go ahead and take plane rather of the bicycle to obtain there.

That which was the greatest lesson learned when “Kernkraft 400” grew to become a worldwide hit?

A effective song is larger than you. It may seem like a pressure of nature – unpredictable and never astounded by your plans.

So how exactly does it cause you to feel if you notice artists still playing the song 17 years later and also the crowd reacting into it?

I’m still astonished by it. I never expected that whatsoever.

…and would you still receive royalties in the song since sporting occasions listen to it constantly?

Ha, regrettably stadiums don’t track individual plays. Not really Superbowl so far as I know. Sports occasions usually pay a typical fee to ASCAP that is then given to Attacking Young Boys or whomever has got the most radio plays in that period.

Who do you want to collaborate with and why?

Attacking Young Boys, Drake or whomever has got the most radio plays since you just advised me that I have to compensate for individuals Royalties, hahaha.

When focusing on a track, what amount of the production is performed digitally versus analog? And do you know the benefits and drawbacks inside your opinion?

Hardware is my choice after i am jamming or picking out ideas. Digital is necessary on recording, arrangement and mixing. And So I would say it’s virtually 50/50 for me personally. There’s no obvious advantage either in concept. The very best instrument or tool is the one which enables you to feel at ease.

Any new music, or possibly an album drop fans can expect to in 2017?

I’ve recorded enough songs that we feel be preferable within an album context. I haven’t quite determined just what the program is going to be. However I know that i’m getting a lot of fun focusing on new tracks at this time.

Awesome. Any closing statements for the readers?

Never be fooled through the packaging.

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