5 reasons we’ll be disappointed through the inevitable zombie apocalypse

Walking Dead 2 We’re truly obsessive about zombies. Zombie games, films, comics, zombie mugs, zombie killing tees, zombie condoms€ okay I€™m pushing the final one, however, you can€™t deny it€™s not probable. How come we like them a lot: could it be the excitement from the apocalyptic unknown? The frenzied scramble for survival? Or will we would like to blast our bosses’ brains by helping cover their a sawn-off shotgun? The Walking Dead: Season Two launches this month: the brand new apocalyptic adventure game obtaining where award-winning original Walking Dead ended. Confirmed for release on December 17th by Telltale Games, it brings by using it much more of that zombie survival practice when preparing for your inevitable invasion of corpses, when what we should should be doing is practicing our cardio. The overall consensus among us humans would be that the most challenging part of a spook apocalypse could be pretending to not be excited. Have you ever seen my models on COD Black Ops Zombies, dude? Getting in enough suggests send the Ps network into meltdown. As well as the truth that I€™ve devoured more zombie movies than I’ve pizza. I€™ve read Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide two times and viewed cooler months from the Walking Dead. Seriously, if zombie hordes were frothing and clawing inside my patio home windows at this time, they wouldn€™t stand an opportunity. Really, though? Are we considered exactly what a genuine, manic couple of rabid lunatics attempting to bite our faces off could be like? The painful the truth is that people wouldn€™t be unlocking a brand new weapon after each headshot, we€™d be requiring a brand new under garments inventory rather. Sorry to become a zombie buzzkill, but here€™s a summary of reasons you€™re likely to be seriously bummed out when the walkers did dominate…

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5 Reasons a ZOMBIE Apocalypse Would Just FAIL