9 accommodations in st. augustine for that zombie apocalypse

  • WARNING: The opinions expressed in the following paragraphs are purely paranoid and hypothetical, much like most discussions around the imminent zombie apocalypse. But at augustine.com, together with supplying the best guide for things you can do, restaurants to consume at, and accommodations, you want to make certain vacationers know what to do should a nationwide zombie epidemic all of a sudden emerge throughout their vacation.


    The Walking Dead returns now, meaning it is time for all of us to begin planning the inevitable zombie apocalypse! Yay! Luckily, St. Augustine is really a goldmine of places to bunk up once the brain-eating virus that Apple is injecting in to the iPhone 6 will get loose and infects everyone.


    1. Castillo de San Marcos.

    The Castillo de San Marcos is really a top-notch zombie bunker. It’s never fallen to enemy fire, it features a sweet drawbridge and also the perfect structural the perception of placing snipers each and every corner to protect from the zombie populace. Plus, it’s already outfitted with several cannons that may rip via a whole army of zombies. However, it’s the Castillo, meaning it’s everyone’s apparent first choice. You are most likely going to need to believe that trampling many people to dying just to go into there can be essential. And when you are there, you best anticipate to bunk up for any couple of days prior to the army comes. Which means getting lots of food, supplies, entertainment, along with a zombie apocalypse love interest that you are only mildly into because they are certainly likely to finish up being wiped out by zombies anyway. As lengthy as you are fully outfitted, you are able to relax and revel in impenetrable defense against brain eating hordes and publish-apocalyptic murder gangs.


    2. Your Accommodation Ponce de Leon

    It isn’t the zombie apocalypse and also the Ponce de Leon Hotel already appears like its within the zombie apocalypse. I am talking about see that gate … what exactly are they attempting to safeguard this area from? This  old hotel appears like it dropped straight from a Fallout game. It’s among the first put concrete structures in the usa, made to hold facing hurricanes and tropical storms (and zombies). The only real disadvantage to the Ponce is the fact that there are plenty of openings within this building. You will be admiring a Tiffany stained-glass window within the dining hall for around 10 pretty seconds before someone comes crashing through it to dine for you. And will also most likely be Henry Flagler, since his zombie house is simply a couple of blocks away at Memorial Presbyterian. Do your favor and arrange for an earlier check-out.


    3. The Lighthouse

    Have you ever performed Left 4 Dead, you already know that typically the very best factor that you can do inside a game is select one, solitary location having a small entrance with no exit, maintain stocks of health insurance and ammunition, and merely bunk up and allow the zombies come flowing directly into kill you. The Lighthouse will help you to reduce the chances of zombies whilst providing you with an excellent outlook for recognizing save helicopters and motorboats. Plus, it’s 219 steps up. No zombie will have the power for your. Just make certain you enhance the Bridge of Lions on the way over.


    4. The Black Raven

    Why be worried about finding fuel and blowing out a tire when moving over zombie physiques whenever you could sail away inside a pirate ship? When the zombie apocalypse starts, we know it will likely be due to our country — in the end, the Wendy’s breakfast menu only agreed to be introduced this season. So a good option you may be is in the vehicle able to departing this wasteland within the dust. If one of these simple babies might make it over the Atlantic within the 1500s, it certainly includes a fighting chance today. Although zombies can go swimming, they certainly don’t prefer it. Their skin is falling enough because it is the final factor they need is pruny fingers.


    5. Lightner Museum

    The Lightner is certainly where someone would go if their ultimate goal ended up being to become some kind of Duke of St. Augustine, similar to the Governor of Woodbury from Walking Dead. All individuals decadent artifacts and luxury products alllow for one awesome compound. Just pull-up a throne and boom! You are the king from the castle, ready to recover age crude civilizations by hosting your personal gladiator zombie tournaments for the prisoners within the old indoor pool.


    6. Whetstone Chocolate Factory

    Even just in the Zombie Apocalypse, you cannot forget the straightforward such things as chocolate. Carl trained us that whenever he very disgustingly ate a whole tub of chocolate pudding (Just … stay in the home, Carl). During any apocalypse you need to locate an outlet for the stress—a way to handle a existence that is constantly in survival mode. The very best outlet for that’s chocolate. So clearly, another premium place to sit down and wait for a Army and CDC in the future save you’d be the Whetstone Chocolate Factory, where you don’t only have chocolate, but the way to produce more chocolate. Plus, with control of chocolate production, you’ve got a unlimited way to obtain goods to do business with mercenaries and gangs passing through. A couple of bags of chocolate may be the distinction between existence and dying.


    7. The Shore

    Maybe you have seen a film with zombies on the beach (besides Zombie Beach obviously)? No. They are simply not in it. For reasons uknown, be it sand, sun, surf, or perhaps a strong aversion to fun, zombies don’t spend time by the pool. My advice once the national alarms start sounding: grab your surfboard, some sand castle molds, a cooler of Coronas, and merely visit the beach. I’m not sure how or why, but your family will enjoy it.


    8. The Alligator Farm

    Many people question why wild birds spend time within the trees from the Alligator Farm. Well, it is because wild birds and alligators aren’t really natural opponents. Contrary, the wild birds feel safer round the alligators because alligators can’t climb trees. However, alligators regularly eat stuff that attempt to climb trees. Despite appearances, being over a moat full of alligators is most likely the primary protection against swamp zombies, which Incidentally, would be the most horrifying types of zombie there’s. You will see lots of fodder to maintain your guard gators alive for any lengthy time (lengthy, as with about twenty five years at the very least). Just keep to the zip lines, allow them to perform the work, and hope that eating zombies will not help make your alligators become zombie alligators. Unless of course, obviously, zombie alligators are a level more powerful defense than regular alligators.


    9. That Old Jail

    When the Walking Dead trained us anything, it’s the Prison was most likely the very best of defenses. In St. Augustine, That Old Jail continues to have a number of its best zombie-defense features. However, the jail continues to be renovated, so you might want to build additional fortifications. My advice: make it happen early and begin preparing. If you’re quick you are able to most likely ride the storm here.


    Not only a Pretty Vacation Place

    St. Augustine takes pride in becoming the type of perfect getaway where one can relax and end up forgetting regarding your troubles. Fortunately, that is true even throughout a zombie apocalypse, so it’s not necessary to stay at home or cancel your overall trip if the worst should happen. And the suggestions above locations are open regularly if you wish to have a scouting trip pre-crisis. Hopefully you will not have to hide in the undead hordes, however if you simply do, you realize where St. Augustine locals is going to be hiding.


    Fuel Up!

    There are many places in St. Augustine to seize a bite moving toward safety.

  • A1A Ale Works: This restaurant around the bayfront is situated in close closeness to both Black Raven and also the Castillo de San Marcos if you want to hide rapidly. 
  • La Pentola: This fine restaurant has high walls around it for any private meal during the worst-situation scenarios. And when your plan’s to reside just like a king within the Lightner, food out of this restaurant will complement your selected lifestyle.
  • Sunset Grille: Found on Anastasia Island, this beach-front restaurant is near to the St. Augustine Lighthouse and also the Alligator Farm.
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