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And So I am apparently probably the most atrociously wretched blogger ever.  I honestly didn’t realize precisely how lengthy it absolutely was since my last publish!  After I saw that it’s been, like, per month, I had been shocked.  And appalled.  After which I believed I better get crackin’ and write a publish.  I’m honestly unsure why I went such a long time between posts.  Maybe nothing happened that appeared everything intriguing and blog-worthy.  Or possibly I had been being lazy and feeling all united nations-bloggish and the like.  You never know?  Regardless, I actually do apologize and will also be sure to perform better and blog more often and stuff.

I heard something quite interesting today, so interesting which i goggled it when I acquired home and moved in.  I am talking about, how would you react should you heard about something known as vajazzling?  Apparently this really is some type of cooter creativeness or something like that.  I couldn’t still find it perfectly acceptable to stay shiny little jewel thingies for your Vee and also the area.  Like, seriously, what’s wrong with individuals?  Adding jewelry for your vagina?  Just tacky y’all.Oh, so that as an additional benefit, you need to obtain a complete Brazilian wax before jazzing your lady part!  Yay for horrendously painful mutilation suffered exclusively with regards to making your sweetheart garden sparkly!  Seriously, individuals are simply batshit crazy.

I’m obtaining a vehicle a few days ago, that is kinda exciting and kinda terrifying simultaneously.  It’s exciting because, well, it’s a vehicle!  Forget about pleading to gain access to other folks’ cars or request rides–total win!  It’s terrifying because, as many folks know, cars hate me.  I’ve had cars that overheated constantly, cars which had no tail lights or inside lights, cars with stupid home windows that wouldn’t roll lower which obviously happened in summer time time not to mention the vehicle didn’t have AC, cars which had no heat, cars that died when the weather was too warm simply to just start back up some time later as if nothing happened, and so forth etc.  Anywho, I get the vehicle on Saturday and spend your day using the fam!  And Chloe will ultimately see our dear cousin Robby personally the very first time, which she’s very looking forward to!  Can’t wait!


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