Dramatic musings: you realize…living dead pinup women are kinda hot……

Dramatic musings: you realize...living dead pinup women are kinda hot...... noir thriller

So….apparently since my last publish I’ve been getting lots of questions….nay….a lot more like statements of fact claiming that I am insane. I am talking about…………meh, what exactly if I love to speak with Monet each morning? Sometimes that dude just materializes within my backyard okay. What shall we be held designed to do? Simply tell him to depart….that is just rude. Y’all just jealous cause he does not arrived at your backyard.

And which person here haven’t imagined their existence like a movie? Honestly? At certain reason for existence, you’d have believed that "Damn, my existence might have designed a kick ass chick flick/action movie/noir thriller". It is just natural for those who have even an oz of imagination. Me, I’ve a significant amount of…that is why I write cause it sometimes becomes really crowded within my mind. So no, unlike popular beliefs I’m not insane. Too imaginative. To demonstrate that i’m actually not insane, today’s publish will be a mild, run-of-the-mill, very sane and completely normal publish.

Today I’ll discuss zombies. Particularly Zombie Pinups. See, what’s insane for the reason that statement?

Remember after i did that publish concerning the new retro look? Well I encounter a much better deal than beautiful, new starlets dolled as pinup women. What exactly are your ideas of zombies, dolled as pinup women?…………I understand right!!! Too awesome! Some company out there’s creating a 2009 calendar of zombie pinups and I must say their take of Gil Elvgren’s pinups are pretty interesting. I’m damn enticed to buy one of these simple babies to use my wall for 2009. Take a look!

Dramatic musings: you realize...living dead pinup women are kinda hot...... existence likeResourse: http://daysofturmoil.blogspot.com/2008/10/