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I’m sorry I’ve been away these past couple of days, however i guarantee, I possess a good reason!

A few days before my Master’s of Journalism graduation, I acquired offered a couple of possibilities to help keep me busy. And also, since then, I’ve become three different jobs with three quite different websites. That’s the reason I haven’t been blogging, as I’ve been quite busy writing content of these various websites.

So, I made the decision which i can place them here (in addition to under my lately printed articles area), so you all can monitor my latest works without me updating my blog every single day.

1) The very first chance that came my way was through Twitter. I used to be talking with the dog owner and operator of the website for a lot of several weeks, and she or he created an excellent idea – to possess a couple watch the television show “Lost” in the beginning, one which has witnessed the show before and something which has not. The web site is known as the Geek Women Network, and that i have grown to be their first male contributor.

Now, in situation you didn’t know, I’ve been a sizable fan of Lost forever, and so i was offered the function from the veteran within this little experiment – hence the specific posts, “Lost for Veterans.”

The summary of the posts are available here, as the first publish (since the first 1 / 2 of season one), are available here.

The posts is going to be updated every couple of weeks, check the web site ( regularly.

2) The 2nd job also originated from Twitter, like a friend re-tweeted that the website was searching for an additional author to include daily content on a multitude of nerdy topics (for example popular culture, movies, interesting stuff located on the internet, Television shows, game titles, plus much more). So, I applied, after a couple of times of seeing things i could do, they hired me!

The web site is known as Nerdbastards, and you should check out the hyperlink below to check out my profile, and find out all of the latest articles I had been written for that site. I write stuff every single day, so book back as frequently as possible, as there’s something for everybody on the website.

Here’s the hyperlink: David Manly’s Profile

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3) And finally, because this job just started earlier this week, is really a weekly science blog online LabSpaces. I used to be contacting the dog owner and operator for some time over Twitter, so when he re-designed his website, we developed the concept of getting weekly updated content from people with understanding on the particular field. I had been provided to write posts about zoology and ecosystem, which you may already know my blog, are a couple of great obsessions of mine.

With no any hesitation, I recognized and that i set up my first publish yesterday concerning the results of oil on wildlife within the Gulf region. Please provide a read, because it was a complete pleasure to create. The hyperlink are available here.

If I don’t update my blog as frequently when i should, I am sorry, but it’ll mainly be because of all of the time spent performing these three jobs. So, if you would like to be aware what I’m focusing on, check individuals three sites! And you can discuss all posts, as I truly do thank you for feedback.

Lastly, I have to admit, all of these jobs were given to me because of my presence on Twitter. For individuals individuals who stated it had been pointless, I only say, “Oh, really?”

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