Geek girl’s help guide to multilevel marketing for introverts – week 1

Networking is paramount to success running a business, especially multilevel marketing.  But networking is really a trial for shy people, us introverted geeks especially.   To a lot of us it feels insincere, potentially manipulative.  Excuses we use to prevent networking include too little confidence, anxiety about rejection and a feeling of not adequate.

If perhaps we’d more self-confidence like everybody else, when we could just connect with others easier, then networking could be a lot simpler.  It’s possible for all of us shy introverted geeks and geekesses to understand the ability of networking.  We have to understand that networking is about building intimate, sincere relationships according to mutual generosity, not duplicity, and now we can’t achieve our career goals by ourselves. We must network our method to success.

If you are battling to make new friends, here’s some common-sense advice for growing your networking confidence.

First of all, and more importantly, be genuine. Many introverted professionals think they need to behave like an extrovert in networking situations. While you have to try and become more gregarious than usual, you should not be artificial. Quite simply, it’s OK if you are just a little awkward. Just don’t keep apologizing for this. Introverts and unskilled networkers frequently apologize when requesting a person’s help simply because they see networking being an imposition, less a workout in relationship building. We’re feeling like we’re asking anyone to do them a favour. We don’t think we’re worth another person’s time so we’re apologizing for this. Apologizing just demonstrates your insufficient professionalism, reliability , confidence. It is also annoying and juvenile. It’s not necessary to apologize for requesting help. It’s not necessary to apologize for wanting to understand more about the person that you’re networking. Eventually you might be able to help her out.

More to follow along with next week…



Networking for Introverts – How to Meet People Even if You’re Shy or Quiet