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Zombie pigmen can spawn within the Nether, from nether portals, or from pigs struck by lightning. There is a 5% possibility of spawning like a baby zombie pigman, along with a baby zombie pigman includes a 5% possibility of spawning like a pigman jockey[Java and Legacy Console editions only].

All zombie pigmen spawn having a golden sword, which might at random be enchanted. This opportunity increases at greater difficulties, and also the sword’s enchantment will more generally constitute a greater level.


Zombie pigmen spawn in categories of 4 within the Nether at any light level.

Nether portals[edit]

Whenever a nether portal block within the Overworld gets to be a block tick, there’s a little chance (1/2000 on Easy, 2/2000 on Normal, and threeOr2000 on Hard) it’ll spawn a spook pigman around the portal frame beneath it. If your zombie pigman spawned in this manner doesn’t leave the portal it spawns on, there’s possible it’ll teleport towards the nether.


A spook pigman will spawn when lightning strikes within 4 blocks of the pig. When the player is riding the pig when lightning hits it, a spook pigman can look on the top from the player. Whether or not the pig is really a baby, the zombie pigman it’s still a grownup.


Zombie pigmen drop:

Common drops[edit]

  • 0–1
    rotten flesh
  • 0–1
    gold nuggets.
  • All the each could be elevated by 1 per degree of Looting used, up to and including more 4 each at Looting III.

Rare drops[edit]

  • 2.5% opportunity to drop a
    gold ingot if wiped out with a player
  • 8.5% opportunity to drop their
    golden sword when their dying is registered like a player kill.
  • The likelihood of each could be elevated by 1% per degree of Looting.


Zombie pigmen drop 5 experience (12 if baby), when their dying is registered like a player kill. Since 1.8, deaths of hostile pigmen will be registered as kills through the player they’re targeting, whether or not that player ever touched that pigman.[1]

All products zombie pigmen have selected up after spawning is going to be dropped upon dying.


On Halloween (October 31), zombie pigmen possess a 22.5% possibility of spawning having a pumpkin or perhaps a 2.5% possibility of spawning having a jack o’lantern outfitted as headgear.

If your zombie pigman putting on a pumpkin or jack o’lantern is wiped out utilizing a tool enchanted with Looting, you will see an opportunity equivalent to the stage of Looting accustomed to drop the pumpkin or jack o’lantern, up to and including more a 3% chance at Looting III.


Zombie pigmen have a tendency to move relatively gradually. They can’t drown and therefore are safe from fire and lava damage. Baby zombie pigmen are quicker than adult zombie pigmen. When triggered, their speed increases towards the player’s walking speed. They’ll also make a hostile noise between to 39 ticks once they are attacked, crowding around and can attempt to overwhelm the gamer. Additionally, some zombie pigmen will have a way to spawn reinforcements when attacked, including when wiped out in one hit.

Like zombies, zombie pigmen will often bang on wooden doorways, as well as on Hard difficulty, they can break them.[2]

Some zombie pigmen be capable of get products. They’ll even get ammunition when they feel it is best than their golden sword, shedding their golden sword with similar chance as though wiped out with Looting I.

Zombie pigmen positively look for and then try to destroy turtle eggs.

Zombie pigmen are undead mobs, and therefore are broken through the status effect Instant Health insurance and healed through the status effect Instant Damage. They’re unsusceptible to the status effects Regeneration and Poison.They’re overlooked through the wither and impacted by the Smite Enchantment.


Zombie pigmen aren’t initially hostile, but all zombie pigmen inside a 67×67×21 to 111×111×21 area centered around the attacked pigman will end up aggressive and converge around the player or no person is attacked, unless of course the pigman attacked is wiped out in a single hit. This is applicable to the hit registered as from the player or any other mobs, including deflecting ghast fireballs and from sweep attacks.

Zombie pigmen will stay hostile for 25 to 39.95 seconds, even though they continuously pursue a previously-targeted player following this time before the player escapes their 40 block pursuit radius. Approaching within 35 blocks of the already hostile zombie pigman causes it to seem a security call, angering other zombie pigmen inside a 40-block radius. The forgiveness timer doesn’t advance for zombie pigmen in unloaded chunks. Thus, when the player enters a Nether portal and returns, any triggered zombie pigmen in the region it’s still aggressive unless of course another player was nearby to help keep the chunks loaded. Dying won’t cause zombie pigmen to get neutral for the player, whether or not they wiped out you. In addition, they’ll still pursue whether or not the player is underneath the results of Invisibility.

Non-hostile zombie pigmen won’t prevent a person from over sleeping a bed.[Java and Legacy Console editions only]

In Foundation Edition whenever a baby zombie pigman is triggered, it’s 15% chance to become jockey when attempting to fight the gamer or golem. Mobs that are mountable by baby zombie pigmen are:

  • Cow
  • Ocelot
  • Wolf
  • Mooshroom
  • Adult chicken (are only able to spawn naturally within the Overworld)
  • Pig
  • Sheep
  • Polar bear
  • Horse
  • Donkey
  • Mule
  • Zombie horse (unused jockey variant)
  • Skeleton horse
  • Llama
  • Adult zombie
  • Adult zombie villager
  • Adult zombie pigman
  • Adult Husk
  • Spider
  • Cave spider

Because of baby zombie pigmen only wanting to become jockey if triggered with a player or golem, and many mountable mobs spawn within the Overworld, these baby zombie pigmen jockey variants would be the rarest kind of jockey. Although baby zombie pigmen wish to be a jockey when triggered, it stills keeps riding the mountable mob despite becoming neutral again.

Mobs being ridden by baby zombie pigmen can’t be ridden through the player.

Data values[edit]

See also: Chunk format

Zombie pigmen have entity data connected together which contain various qualities from the mob. Their entity ID is zombie_pigman.

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