Minecraft snapshot 12w32a (1.4) – new zombie mob, command block, beacon block

The very first snapshot for Minecraft 1.4 continues to be released. 12w32a contains plenty of additional features such as the new Beacon block which supplies enchantments, Command Block which triggers console instructions, new zombie and various kinds of skeletons.

It is just been per week since Jeb released Minecraft 1.3 but he’s recently been busy creating our next snapshot. A bike accident could not steer clear of the usual Minecraft snapshot from striking the web today. It’s another from the meaty feature snapshots and includes some nice additions such as the awesome ‘beacon’ block.

12w32a Features List

Zombies and skeletons have new equipment based on difficulty

Minecraft 12w32a - Skeletons

We have seen zombies with shovels and skeletons with enchanted bows and chainmail armour. So understandably, if you are around the hard difficulty then you are likely to face some tougher skeletons on the way.

New command block

Minecraft 12w32a - Command Block

The Command Block makes its official appearance in Minecraft. It is a redstone powered control block that allows you to issue console instructions for example teleport, change time, give products etc. Ideal for adventure maps and building individuals advanced contraptions.

An unexpected block (Beacon Block)

Minecraft 12w32a - Beacon Block

An unexpected block that’s still a piece happening. Once this block is positioned, you are able to click it to spread out the blocks control menu. It shows two forces Primary Power and Secondary Power. You are able to move blocks out of your inventory in to the empty block space.

Should you place this mystery block on the top of emerald, iron or gold blocks (inside a pyramid pattern) a effective light shines straight to heaven. Very little is famous concerning the beacon block however it appears to supply enchantments with respect to the ‘power’ materials, how big the pyramid as well as your distance in the beacon (enchantments: resistance, haste, jump boost, strength, regeneration) (see image).

Zombies can infect villagers

The zombie apocalypse involves Minecraft. Zombies are now able to infect villagers who consequently become zombies. It is possible for any single zombie to contaminate a whole village in a few minutes. It takes place quite rapidly so be ready for a surprise if you are in the center of buying and selling along with a zombie arrives!

Villagers react positively on new trades but they are less prepared to trade should you attack them

Hurting a villager will lessen your odds of buying and selling effectively Additionally they as if you more whenever you trade new products together, maybe a product they haven’t seen before.

Villagers don’t remove trades, but to resume old trades you will have to trade another thing

If you had a nice item from the villager and wish a lot of same, you are gonna need to please the villager to ensure that these to trade an identical item again.

Bug fixes

Much more bug fixes including a lot of performance enhancements we had for the finish of Minecraft 1.3.

Download Links

12w32a Client
12w32a Server (or EXE)

Resourse: http://faster-ideas.com/news/