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How you can take full advantage of a spook apocalypse – tedxunsw – medium attack spreads the problem

  1. Zombies tend to be more developed than humans.

While zombies are referred to as brutal, cannibalistic, ferocious, inhumane, and numerous other gory adjectives, one must admit their capability to embrace their disease and continue their existence borders upon transformative.

Their change of diet concurrently builds their very own population while diminishing their opponents’, which enables them to adjust to the conditions inside a display of natural selection that Darwin themself would salute and puts these questions position much better than their human counterparts.

It was confirmed with a 2013 study in to the epidemiology from the zombie virus, printed within the Journal of Biological Education, which characterised the transmission from the virus as “100% effective and 100% ‘lethal’, unless of course the victim is consumed”. The study discovered that no human tactic of isolation or quarantine could avoid the spread from the disease, which may inevitably increase the risk for demise of mankind.

2. Survival from the fittest.

Though they’re ‘diseased’ and ‘disturbed’, zombies are actually, the fittest beings within their conditions. Their adaptation ensures their inevitable victory over humans.

The unrelenting brutality acquired using their virus means zombies possess a supernatural capability to continue their assault, ignorant and unperturbed by counter-offensive, letting them vanquish any human attacks. Out of this, we discover the same characteristics which will make zombies cruel and cold-hearted, also make sure they are invincible, even from the ‘Double Tap’ rule prescribed by Zombieland.

3. Zombies are highly driven beings.

A part of what ensures the victory of zombies is the unrelenting quest for their prey. They’re motivated with a crude hunger and survival instinct, and possibly could it be the animalistic nature of the motivation, but zombies allow us to experience a determination their human forefathers haven’t displayed. Subsequently, they could pursue their set goals heedless associated with a frailties, injuries or counter-attacks.

While they might be driven with a cannibalistic desire to have brains, we must admit that zombies have a very tenacity to become respected.

4. Ignorance is bliss.

The primary reason humans give for his or her disdain for zombies is the brutality, or inhumanity, or other adjective accustomed to abjure zombies’ functions of survival. While they are characteristics renounced among humans, this provides us another illustration of how zombies allow us to higher suit their conditions. Zombies tend to be more animal than human, as a result, their predatory instincts are perceived by them purely as meal prep.

Free of these moral codes, zombies remain blissfully ignorant that belongs to them cruelty, which negates the most powerful deterrence humans face when turning zombie.

5. Strength in figures.

And lastly, zombies give a highly effective display of working together. The character of the attack spreads the problem, effectively growing their army while diminishing their opponents’ forces, gradually just as one impossible mob, aligned within their mentality. No scattered number of humans could beat this inseparable pack from the hungry and brainless.


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