Captain america

It is amazing to me it really required this lengthy for somebody to envision a genuine existence, full fledged “film franchise” according to existing figures as well as an existing world.  Throughout time there has been tv series, films, cartoons, and an abundance of media for comic figures, but never once has someone really attempted to weave it altogether.

Well, Marvel Films, buoyed by the prosperity of their Spider-Man and X-Men franchises finally bit the bullet, produced their very own movie company, and made the decision to finally tell an account that crosses between films and helps to create another world in Hollywood.  And to date, I’ve been loving it.

The Incredible Hulk really was the show that kicked everything off, having a cameo by Robert Downy, Junior because the enigmatic Tony Stark.  This, obviously, spiraled in to the Ironman film, with another nice little cameo of Nick Rage.  Then, as everyone knows at this time, that catapulted into The Wolfman in which the whole Avengers Initiative really began to evolve, so we had a look at Thor’s hammer once we increase for Thor this year.  Of course, Cap’s trusty shield made it’s own appearance too.

I’ll be honest…I was pretty concerned about how “The First Avenger” could be treated in Hollywood.  The Hulk is a huge eco-friendly monster…  Iron Man is really a guy inside a hi-tech suit of fight armored plate.  Those things can transcend comic pages making a nice impact within the “real world” look.  Well, Captain America really doesn’t.  On the comic page you can observe a man in blue spandex, also it doesn’t look everything unnatural.  But making that actually work in Hollywood?  Yeah, I had been getting difficulty seeing the way they works it in.  After all, within the 70’s we had them provide their finest shot, which really wasn’t everything pretty.

Well, because of JoBlo and Aint it Awesome News, we’ve got some artwork of the items promises is the actual costume the film form of Captain America will put on.  And Good Lord could it be awesome.  It certainly appears to make use of the Ultimates uniform like a base (that is no real surprise, thinking about just how much the Hollywood Marvel world appears to a minimum of kind of stick to the Ultimate logic) but it appears as though it’ll translate nearly perfectly on the 3d real life plane.  Yet, additionally, it seems to pay perfect homage towards the actual uniform appearance within the comics too.  They really appear to possess taken the very best of all possible worlds.

Within my childhood collecting comics, Captain America was certainly one of my personal favorite heroes.  I had nearly a whole run of his books in the 60’s right through to the first 90’s before I moved from comics, and that i have a location within my heart for Steve Rogers.  I was happy to observe that Marvel Films is attempting to difficult to keep these figures grounded the truth is, but still pull a lot influence in the printed page.  Awesome stuff.


Steve Rogers Transformation Scene | Captain America The First Avenger (2011) Movie Clip