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Jacob Rougemont is definitely an American comic author and investigator, most frequently known included in the writing team around the Official Guide from the Marvel World (2004-present), the Guidebook towards the Marvel Motion picture World (2015-present) and also the Official Index towards the Marvel World (2009-2013).

Additionally to his Marvel Guide work, Rougemont has written for other Marvel projects such as the Good reputation for the Marvel World (2012) and Heroic Age: X-Men #1 (2011). Apart from his writing work, he’s done searching for a number of Marvel collections, including Avengers Standoff: Assault on Enjoyable Hill Omega#1 and also the Captain America: Civil War digest TPB for Scholastic. He’s also lately handled the study-heavy image acquisition for Dark Horse’s 2017 He-Man & the Masters from the World: A Personality Guide & World Compendium hardcover.

A longtime comic fan, he started collecting comics growing up in early 1990s and branched off in to the internet throughout his senior high school years using the founding of his Avengers fansite, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Page in 2000. Eventually being a regular contributor (and eventual editor) from the Marvel Appendix website, Rougemont soon leaped into comic writing using the relaunching from the Official Guide from the Marvel World series in 2004, his first printed work finding yourself in the Official Guide from the Marvel World: Avengers 2004 one-shot. He grew to become a normal person in the guide writing team by the Official Guide hardcover series and shortly branched off in to the relaunched Official Index towards the Marvel World series in ’09 and also the Guidebook towards the Marvel Motion picture World in 2015.

His focus on the guide series brought with other studies, such as the 2009 Avengers: Nights of Wundagore and also the Avengers: Vision & the Scarlet Witch-Each Day within the Existence, along with other side writing projects including guide-type records within the X-Men: Top Class Magazine (2011).

Rougemont still from time to time contributes both writing and research for a number of projects, most lately writing for that Guidebook towards the Marvel Motion picture World series, the All-New, All-Different Marvel World one-shot, the guide portion of the Runaways: The Entire Collection Vol. 4 and also the Marvel Expanding World Wall Chart hardcover for Rizzoli Publishing (both Barnes & Noble-exclusive Beaux Arts Edition and also the 2017 smaller sized, store bought version), in addition to research to collections like the Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Activity Book Facsimile Collection.

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