Travel strategies for a spook outbreak

Where can you go if your Zombie Apocalypse hit the nation?

This continues to be plaguing (plague, have it?) me since I acquired totally hooked on zombie movies like Beginning from the Dead, 4 weeks Later, REC and game titles like Left4Dead. The 2nd season from the Walking Dead can also be set to air over a couple of days (Woohoo)! If you are acquainted with these movies, games and shows, you’ll realize that should you not possess a defense and escape plan yet, you’ll most likely finish up a spook snack very rapidly.

Travel Up asked fellow zombiephiles for many travel tips in situation an episode did hit the nation. Listed here are their suggestions of what to do and just what vehicle to make use of to create a getaway, with valuable insights from it “The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Defense against the Living Dead” by Max Brooks (who also authored World War Z: An Dental Good reputation for the Zombie War). Both books are must-reads and provide practical advice for surviving zombie attacks, which might just save your valuable existence soon.

Business Building

Recommended by Mike Vigilia, Founding father of Dead Zone (a Zombie Horror Enthusiast group)

Favorite zombie movie: “All of these, really. Specifically B-movie type zombie flicks. But when I must select one, it might be a tie between Nights the Living Dead and Beginning from the Dead.”

“I would avoid apparent places like police stations (I wouldn’t depend on guns inside a zombie outbreak, there will not be enough bullets to fend of the horde. As well as when there was enough ammunition, it might be practically impossible to hold these), church buildings and malls. I’ll fight my method to home. Basically can’t, an office is going to do. Just because a typical business building includes a back-up generator, communications equipment, monitoring station, canteen, and a lot of the nooks and crannies to cover in. In my escape vehicle, a bus is going to do. A vehicle will not be much use against a horde blocking the road.”

  • Overall defense factor- 5
  • Ease of access of weapons – 2
  • Ease of access of food – 4

Office Structures: Most of the same rules regarding apartment houses does apply to office structures. When the bottom floor continues to be abandoned, the staircases destoyed, and also the elevators shut lower, an office could be a tower of safety. ” – The Zombie Suvival Guide, Around the Defense. p. 78

Public Transit: These large road monsters can instruct just as much some risk for their motorists regarding the living dead. Forget speed, forget maneuverability, forget fuel efficiency, off-road capacity, stealth or other feature you will have to escape an infested area. A bus has none of those. Ironically, if your bus has any “advantage” it’s as a way not of escape but of defense. – ZSG, On the Run, p. 106


Recommended by Karl R. De Mesa

Favorite zombie movies: “Dawn from the Dead (Zack Snyder remake), 4 weeks Later, Rob from the Dead, Dead Set (small-series), Deadgirl, Resident Evil 1 and a pair of, Tokyo, japan Zombie, Zombieland, any of the Romero originals”

“Likely to some ship/yacht/military boat (an airboat could be nice however, you can’t survive it) so it’ll be simple to maneuver. Land is simply too problematic to protect from the horde overrun. That stated I won’t avoid a defensible mansion with curtain walls and electrified barbed wire — although I’ve only seen one out of Forbes park and Shariif Aguak. Armored vans are wonderful but could be overturned. Certainly one of individuals costly gas guzzling hummers could be precious. A Simba LCV could be awesome.”

  • Overall defense factor – 5
  • Ease of access of weapons – 3
  • Ease of access of food – 1

Motorboats: Motorboats, in any form, have been discovered is the safest type of transport throughout an attack. Although zombies don’t use their lung area and may travel underwater, they don’t have the coordination to swim…Studies have proven that more than-water escapes possess a survival ratio five occasions those of land. — ZSG, On the move, p. 120

The Armored Vehicle: Despite their poor mileage and insufficient all-terrain capacity, armored cars present a number of benefits for individuals on the move. Their massive armor provides the driver virtual invulnerability. Even just in a failure, individuals inside could survive as lengthy his or her provisions held out. — ZSG, On the move, p. 106


Recommended by SpiderDan Geromo

Favorite zombie movie: Day from the Dead (1985)

“I don’t have any plans, so I’m most likely likely to remain on our rooftop. Escape vehicle: I do not know. I do not trust vehicles, but whatever goes by is going to do.”

  • Overall defense factor – 4
  • Ease of access of weapons – 4
  • Ease of access of food – 5

“First-floor apartments present the greatest risk due to their ease of access. Tenants living over the first floor are nearly always safer than individuals in any kind of house. Destroying the staircase effectively isolates all of those other building. Using the elevator switched off and also the fire escape too hight for any zombie to achieve (strict limits are enforced legally), any apartment house can become an immediate haven in the walking dead.” – ZSG, Around the Defense, p. 69


Recommended by Ella

Favorite zombie movie: “I LOVED Zombieland!”

“Siquijor. Ipapabarang ko ang mga zombie sa mga aswang! That or, I’ll possess the witches educate me how you can put people within spell after which I’ll mind off and away to Capiz and also have the manananggals perform the killing for me personally. If individuals two options fail, I’ll stay within Q.C./M.M. The issue with visiting the places I pointed out is that they are usually encircled by forests–defense-wise, mahirap since the zombies may come all corners. Within the city, you will find condos and commercial centers. Lots of avenues of escape, as well as the building materials are solid enough against zombie attack. Nandito noise ang Camp Crame, Camp Aguinaldo, Fort Bonifacio. I’ll choose a condo near both of these military bases.”

“Escape vehicle: Sports utility vehicle. You’ve enough metal, enough speed and enough exit points in situation zombies get their means by. The issue having a tank is, although it can crush them through the dozen, if a person will get inside, you cannot get out–it has only one exit and entry point. However, better to avoid hulking SUVs like Expeditions or Fortuners–they guzzle gas. Stay with something reasonable like Rav 4, most likely even Montero Sport. An average vehicle can also be good BUT it’s low. It being low enables you to near to gravity which means you won’t topple over easily. The issue is, inside a zombie pile-up, the vehicle will get easily crushed. So that your vehicle must have just a little height. Hey, even better, obtain a Cessna or perhaps a helicopter. If you are wealthy. Hehe.”

  • Overall Defense Factor – 5
  • Ease of access of weapons – 4.5 (baka antique naman ang ibang baril kasi, at ang tanke tumitirik)
  • Ease of access of food – 4 (Greenhills Shopping Mall, Robinson’s and Megamall, several Small-Stop branches on the way)

Military Complexes: Army, Marine, or perhaps Air Pressure bases ought to be your main concern when looking for a fortress…Almost have the ability to elaborate security fences around their perimeters. Some have secondary, even teriary defensive positions. The majority are outfitted with fully stocked, completely functional fallout shelters, some using the abilities of small city…What is most significant, however, is not the physical fortifications however the women and men within them. As continues to be noted, well-trained well-armed, well-disciplined individuals are always the very best defense. — ZSG, Around the Defense, p.88

Sports utility vehicle: Initially glance, they seem like the perfect way of escape. Using the off-road capacity of the military vehicle and also the comfort and longevity of a sedan, what is better for fleeing the undead? Despite the look of them, not every SUVs are outfitted for those-terrain driving…Research your choices carefully so that you can tell these genuine models in the gas-guzzling, aesthetically engineered, irresponsibly marketed vanity pieces. — ZSG, On the move, p.105


Recommended by Khal Drogo

Favorite zombie movie: “Dawn from the Dead (2004 remake). The only real zombies that pose a genuine threat are individuals that may run.”

“Corregidor, because it’s a kick-ass secure fort in the center of the ocean.”

“Escape vehicle: Bikes, kayaks and motorycles. Human powered vehicles will be the very best, as it’s not necessary to consider fuel for their services. If you want to get fast somewhere though, the motorcycle rules. Browse the “Zombie Survival Guide” or watch George Romero’s “Day from the Dead”

  • Overall defense rating – 4 (It’s a fort in the center of the sea, how secure is the fact that?)
  • Accessibility to weapons – 2 (For those who have a knife, that you can do like Bear Grylls, or McGyver making your personal stabbing weapons in the trees and wood there)
  • Accessibility to food – 2 (There most likely isn’ t much food stored here, but a minimum of you are able to fish the ocean and farm the land)

Islands: What is safer than land encircled on every side by water? Zombies can’t swim…Even islands a couple of miles offshore could save you in the writhing, clamoring hordes. — ZSG, Residing in an Undead World, p. 175.

Motorcycles: “Definitely the best option for fleeing an infested area. The motorcycle – particularly the dirt bike – can achieve places inaccessible to four-wheeled vehicles. Their speed and maneuverability allows these to be ridden througha crowd fo zombies. Their lightweight enables these to be pressed for miles.” Bicycles: “The common bicycle is fast, quiet, muscle-powered , and low maintenance. Add the extra advantage that it’s the only vehicle you are able to get and bear when the terrain will get too rough. People using bicycles to flee from infested areas have more often than not fared much better than individuals by walking.” — ZSG, On the move, p.106-109

Top Ten Training for Surviving a spook Attack (in the Zombie Survival Guide)

  1. Organize before they rise!
  2. They do not think fear, why should you?
  3. Use your mind: stop theirs.
  4. Blades do not need reloading.
  5. Ideal protection = tight clothing, short hair.
  6. Wake the stairs, then destroy them.
  7. Get out of the vehicle, get to the bike.
  8. Move, stay low, stay quiet, stay alert!
  9. Room is protected, only safer.
  10. The zombie may be gone, but the threat remains.


If you wish to begin to see the Undead decide to try the roads, join the Zombie Flash Mob Dead Walk (Zombiethon 2011) happening on October 30, 2011 (3pm) at Ayala Avenue, Makati City. Are available in zombie costume making-up and shamble round the roads and scare people. Why? Because it’s fun. Let’s Horde!

Here’s the event page with the path map on Facebook. For more information, join the Dead Zone Facebook page.


This really is my admission to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Circus for October 2011 using the theme “Dark Tourism” (Halloween special featuring sites within the Philippines connected with dying, suffering or even the macabre ghost tales on the highway rituals during All Soul’s Day, etc.) located through the Pinay Solo Backpacker.


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