Could it be good? zombie tramp halloween special review – aipt!

I love danger.

Let’s set the record straight: I really like Halloween. I really like being scared and I’m keen on the campy side from the holiday too think Elvira or “Sexy Jesse Trump” costumes, so some stinky this appeared interesting. Looks a bit saucy and involves a spook chick who’s in some way still hot, let’s give mtss is a spin!

She’s hot, she’s stacked, and she’s eco-friendly and rotting. Thankfully, I do not see skin tone. *audience groans*

Let’s start with a fast tip for individuals individuals who wish to ride the Sexy + Halloween train to Money town. Zombies? Not hot. God only knows what types of crazy nastiness she’s got brewing in her own guts, as well as the smell.

It itself is a nice standard “Zombie Hooker returns in the dead in order to save a woman who’s threatened with dying with a Mexican Bull Demon.” tale. You realize, the old chestnut.


SML Parody: The Zombie Apocolypse 2!