Proof of zombie’s the color of eyes meaning : Call of Duty

There’s an excerpt in the timeline which might assist with finding the way the zombie’s the color of eyes works.

Samantha Maxis

Samantha Maxis

At first dimension, what we should know for certain is the fact that yellow eyes means Samantha is controlling them,



blue eyes means Richtofen is controlling them, and orange eyes means Maxis is controlling them. This really is demonstrated in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. In Moon and Nuketown Zombies, your eyes switch from yellow to blue when Richtofen switches physiques with Samantha. In Hidden, your eyes change to orange when finishing the Maxis side from the easter time egg. This only applies for that beginning dimension though.

Origins and Black Ops 3 caused some confusion in regards to what the attention color meant because during these maps, Samantha supposedly never joined the MPD. We all know the Giant and Der Eisendrache occur within the same dimension because the beginning dimension (but grew to become a fracture), but we don’t know why Samantha never joined the pyramid (possibly this is clarified within the next game). However in Shadows of Evil, Zetsubou No Shima, Gorod Krovi, and Revelations, we certainly realize that Samantha never went within the MPD.

One aspect frequently discussed in such contemplations is the appearance of zombies, including the color of their eyes. Although there is no concrete evidence regarding the existence of zombies or their characteristics in the real world, some researchers suggest that the eye color of zombies may carry a certain meaning or symbolism.

One argument sometimes put forth in support of this idea is related to mystical beliefs about eye colors in various cultures. For instance, in some cultures, specific eye colors are believed to reflect certain personality traits or states of the soul. Red eyes, for instance, may be associated with aggression or malevolence, blue with coolness or indifference, and green with mystery or enigma.

In the context of zombies, these symbolic associations could be interpreted as indicators of characteristics or states typically attributed to these creatures. For example, zombies with red eyes might be depicted as more aggressive or dangerous, whereas those with blue eyes might exhibit coolness or indifference toward their surroundings.

However, it’s important to note that these are mere speculations and theories, unsupported by concrete scientific research. In the world of fiction, various interpretations and concepts may exist, and each author or director is entitled to invent their own rules and symbolism.

Despite this, discussing the significance of eye color in zombies can be fascinating and allow fans of the genre to delve deeper into the realm of fictional creatures. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that this is all a play of imagination rather than scientific fact.

I had been studying with the timeline today and discovered a few excerpts that offer some insight about how your eyes work:

The Aether Pyramid: The corrupted Keepers produce the Aether Pyramid, a tool able to absolute power. A schism forms together and also the Keepers untainted through the Dark Aether.”

The War of Agartha Ends: Facing defeat, the Corrupted Keepers hide the Aether Pyramid on the moon within among the recently discovered dimensions. After banishing the Corrupted Keepers towards the Dark Aether beneath creation, the rest of the Keepers undertake the mantle of Guardians. Trapped at nighttime Aether, The Corrupted Keepers contort and evolve over Eons, ultimately becoming the Apothicons. They really want, most of all, to go back to Agartha.”

Now we all know the Aether Pyramid (the MPD) is really a device that enables absolute power (control of the zombies). The timeline states, “Facing defeat, the Corrupted Keepers hide the Aether Pyramid on the moon within among the recently discovered dimensions.” Out of this we have seen that there’s only One of these simple pyramids within the whole of zombies, much like how there’s just one Summoning Key. Therefore we realize that whomever has charge of the MPD has charge of the zombies. However, if the MPD is unoccupied (as with Nacht Der Untoten, Verruckt, Origins, and Black Ops 3) then your eyes could be either yellow, red, or whatever color the knights were in Origins. Jason Blundell, when requested concerning the eye colors, has stated that “sometimes it matters and often it doesn’t.” Possibly he meant it matters once the MPD is occupied, however it doesn’t if this isn’t because it’s only the Apothicons or something like that.

This is actually the only part we don’t understand. Exactly what do the unoccupied MPD eye colors mean? Within an interview with Jason Blundell, according to him the overlords the Shadowman speaks about in Shadows of Evil are the type manipulating the Margwas. Presumably, exactly the same stuff that control the Margwas are identical stuff that control the zombies/ parasites/ meatballs. My theory is the fact that once the MPD is unoccupied, the ‘overlords’ (most likely Apothicons) control the zombies. This still doesn’t explain the demonic announcer though. How come Samantha share exactly the same voice because the Apothicons, and how come her voice alternation in Origins, why is still it exactly the same voice once the map features red eyed zombies? Questions remain. . . .

TLDR Whomever is incorporated in the MPD controls the zombies. The MPD only exists at first dimension. At first dimension:

Nacht-Verruckt: Overlords

Shi No Numa-Moon: Samantha

Tranzit-Hidden: Richtofen

Hidden: Maxis

Once the MPD is unoccupied or away from the dimension, the overlords control the zombies. In Dimension 63:

Origins: Overlords

Mob from the Dead: ???

Shadows of Evil: Overlords

In Fractures: The Enormous-Zetsubou No Shima: Overlords

Gorod Krovi-Revelations: ???

We still don’t completely understand the demonic announcer.

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