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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide
Water and food



Escape Plan First-aid
Water and food
Within the city, you are able to ransack stores and houses because now laws and regulations don’t apply.
canwich-canned sandwich get throughout the day
hotdogs- could be eaten cold or hot supply of protein
taters- help you stay hydrated great power source
power/granola bars- good when there is a zombie horde
canned water- might not determine if water is comtaminated
Wish to avoid high populated areas
mind to rural areas to prevent looters/raiders
a forgotten house is definitely an ideal location
make sure to be near a creek, stream, or maybe a water well
secure base camp
divide camp into sections
Escape Plan
Within the apocalypse it may seem you’re protected and safe, nevertheless, you must consider an urgent situation escape plan. Opt for the options of disasters for example hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.Consider…
What you will really do once the zombies come?
Which side you decide to go?
How would you defend yourself?
Water and food




Water and food
With an island there’s lots of material to utilize. It is possible to make shelter in the harsh Ultra violet sun rays in the sun
Around the island you can hone sticks w/a knife and form a spear that’ll be helpful when hunting small game. Possibly, you ca even camouflage so even others can’t place you.
Remember other survivors tend to be more harmful compared to zombies are themselves.
Signaling for Help
Stranded on the island the only method you can achieve assistance is for those who have a fireplace burning until a spead boat or plane place it. Also, a note for example "help" or "S.O.S." could be left around the sand around the beach. Building a fireplace:
I automobile up lightheaded and poisonous. I’m within the hospital linked to monitors. How did I recieve here? Where’s everybody? I requested myself…
by Ashley Llamas and Breana Ascencio

I remove myself all the monitors. I go out the area the very first factor I notice is bloodstream everywhere and everything unorganized..The lighting is flickering off and on. As I am walking I a guy within the hall and approach him. I hear him groaning and shuffling his ft. He turns and shortly chases me…
I ran I as quickly as I’m able to and
barricade myself inside a room.I hear
scratching in the door looking to get in. That which was that factor? I ask myself. I continued to be silently breathless.
Everything increased silent and
out of the blue I hear a muffling seem. I scan round the room and
visit a boy, hiding underneath the
hospital bed. I question that which was that? What went down?

He informs me his name is
Piggy and that i respond " Im
Rob". He explains in my experience
what went down.. and also at that
moment we elect that people
have to cooperate to live.. How can we endure the apocalypse? Where shall we be likely to find food and supplies such caous? What exactly are we going
to complete?

City versus Island
It is advisable to plan in advance you have first-aid kid that constitutes of:
prescription and non-prescription meds
sanitation supplies
band aids
medical tape
To become efficient using the only a little space inside your backpack you might want to build the best shotgun. Make sure you strive for the mind. The shotgun has:
side saddle for shells and signal flares
5" Ka-Bar Knife
flash light
storage for any multi-tool, survival package and matches
or you might attache silencers towards the
finish from the pistols for that noise will not
attracting attention.
With an island the weather is unpredictable it’s best
to rely on rain water or leaves follow these instructions:
1.dig hole in sand
2.place container in center
3.fill gaps w/leaves
4.cover w/plastic hold lower
w/heavy rocks
5.place rock in center
6.let condensation do its
Around the island there must be plantains and coconuts. Coconuts
can be used a pot if emptied.
If one makes a V-formed wall of gemstones it’s a terrific way to catch fish when tide hits. Surprisingly but bugs are an excellent source of protein
1.gather 10-20 lengthy branches
2.stick 3 branches in ground create tripod
3. lay other branches round the tripod(leave space for entrance)
4.find largest leaves/shrubbery and canopy tripod
1.find soft wood, cut a grove at its base
2.place some tinder in the finish that’ll be ignited
3.make use of a hard stay with plow up and lower to produce friction
4.blow around the tinder if this begins to smolder
5.after fire catches place small twigs to assist it grow
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