‘kitty zombie’: a spook show for children?

'kitty zombie': a spook show for children? kids helping him escape the

“The Adventures of Cat Zombie” may be the creation (no pun intended) of Zombie Army Productions, the audience that creates Statesville Haunted Prison and also the Fear Haunted House at Navy Pier in Chicago each October. Cat Zombie is really a regular character within the group who has turned into a staple from the Chicago horror scene.

The film, which is released both like a video clip and marketed like a TV pilot, features the exploits of Cat Zombie and several kids helping him escape the clutches of the evil military researcher, stated Renee Gullo, a spokeswoman for that project.

The title character may be the military’s botched attempt to produce a super zombie soldier, Gullo described.

“Kitty Zombie happens to be a really innocent, adorable creature, using the body of the killer and also the mind of the puppy,” Gullo stated. “He ends up to not have that a vocabulary. He’s a nearly childlike creature, real sweet and innocent.”

The show is made for the whole family, meaning there won’t be any bloodstream and gore, that is unusual for any zombie movie. Rather of flesh, for example, Cat Zombie feasts on chocolate, especially cotton chocolate.

The type brings a “Herman Munster-like quality as to the would certainly be considered a terrifying physical presence,” based on a Kickstarter page around the project. The show received $15,355 in funding from 198 backers on Kickstarter.com this past year.

The show has been shot mainly in Statesville Haunted Prison at Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm in Crest Hill, and also at Legacy Paintball and Airsoft Park in Lockport.

A lot of the production’s cast and crew work at Statesville, which operates totally on weekends and Thursdays in October.

“We have plenty of crossover talent from individuals who do our sets at Statesville or perform roles within the haunted house,” Gullo stated. “For probably the most part they’re all local, and many finished el born area.”

Additionally to Cat Zombie, the show will feature evil scientists, monsters, ninjas and tree houses, based on a news release around the project.

John LaFlamboy, a Lockport Senior High School graduate, is producing and directing the show.

He stated the Cat Zombie character was produced almost accidentally. LaFlamboy was attending a spook costume party, outfitted as Hunter S. Thompson, with another Zombie Army Productions member who had been outfitted like a zombie entirely armor.

“I stored swatting him having a fly swatter, saying, ‘Bad cat, bad cat,’ ” LaFlamboy stated, and also the name stuck.

The Cat Zombie character increased to become a mainstay from the group’s haunted houses, eventually developing their own following and achieving a symbol within the Chicago horror industry, LaFlamboy stated.

LaFlamboy stated she got the concept for that TV pilot when observed that “orbits” of kids would stick to the Cat Zombie character around at family occasions.

LaFlamboy stated he wishes to market the series either to Nickelodeon or Disney.

“We think it has legs,” he stated.

'kitty zombie': a spook show for children? Cat Zombie

Cat Zombie is LaFlamboy’s second major film project.

LaFlamboy and Mike Bradecich, another person in Zombie Army Productions, created “The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue,” a 90-minute horror comedy film released in 2013 only on video. The show appeared Robert Englund, the actor who portrayed the infamous Freddy Krueger within the “Nightmare on Elm Street” film series.

LaFlamboy, an actress by trade, makes a full time income of sorts from his projects using the undead.

Additionally towards the elaborate haunted houses, that are regularly rated one of the top within the Midwest, his group also hosts other periodic occasions, including:

• Chicago Zombie Promenade: A June event having a buffet, bar and band for couples outfitted as zombies.

• The Zombie Army Games: An autumn family event that includes a number of themed activities and games, together with a zombie obstacle course, a hatchet toss, mix bow challenge and severed mind dodge ball.

• Zombie Search: “1 Shotgun, 12 Paintballs and every one of your courage: That’s whatever you get while you skyrocket in the charging Zombies!”

Other projects include “Days from the Living Dead,” a real possibility web series “A Very Zombie Christmas,” a parody of traditional holiday celebrations filled with an undead Santa and also the Zombie Army Store, which sells themed merchandise, including apparel, accessories and bar ware.

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'kitty zombie': a spook show for children? nearly childlike creature

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