Escape plan: rigor mortis in zombies

If rigor mortis is temporary in zombies, then escape strategies should be adjusted to take into account your window of “dead” Zombie Hiding Placetime in the height of rigor.

The idea is the fact that an excellent wave of panic and violence will sweep infected areas within the first several hrs and times of an undead outbreak.  Most attempt to flee, therefore the roads is going to be clogged and harmful.  Complete chaos will ensue because the rule of law breaks lower, and the amount of zombies roaming the roads increases quickly.  However a lull is originating.

Because the outbreak progresses, many zombies will start experiencing advanced rigor mortis.  They’ll be stiffening towards the height of rigor, or loosening up following the height.  In either case, they'll be moving very gradually, if.   Therefore, this may be the optimum time to create the security of the remote, unpopulated location.

The issue is, should you go too soon you will be met by lots of gnashing, fast zombies, and afraid, irrational humans.  By comparison, should you go far too late the zombies will ready to go again in increased figures.  So pick of the question wisely.



Escape Plan (7/11) Movie CLIP – The Riot (2013) HD