Getting away zombies! – what’s your zombie escape plan?

zombie survival kit - escapingzombies.comSo there is a zombie outbreak, and also you recall the Zombie Survival Package you won off eBay (while your buddies chuckled).  You pull out your package readily while you mumbled “Who’s laughing now motherfuckers!”, ripping this area open just like a kid on the Christmas morning looking to have some zombie fighting tools!  Tossing everything factor from the ripped box… Water, food, light sticks (incase there’s a spook apocalypse rave later), WTF wet naps.. This isn’t searching good!  A Whistle?! (did I invest in the rape package accidentally?).

Not really a single weapon?!  No axe? No knives?  Someone have to tell the marketing department and also have them change this contact “Zombie Defense Solution” into “Waiting for that Zombie Apocalypse Rave Boo Boo kit”!  I do not recall the last episode from the Walking Dead I saw where someone will get attacked with a zombie and Ron states “Get that wet nap out! and that shit clean until we are able to place a Band-Aid onto it!”


BEST Locations to Escape From The ZOMBIE Apocalypse !