3d hot action game zombie goddess tips and cheats and strategy guide


Zombie Goddess is really a new 3D overhead action game where your ultimate goal is just to slash as numerous zombies as you possibly can. You decide to go through wave after wave of zombies, fighting through endless stages, collecting coins and taking advantage of these to purchase new weapons as well as new figures. Continue reading for many tips and methods for Zombie Goddess!

-You are able to alter the camera whenever you’re hanging around itself. Pause it and hang it where you would like, however it’s easiest to determine who’s coming whenever you set your camera to become a long way away.


-Tap near the attack button and drag (this is not on the attack button, alongside it) to maneuver your camera around. Move it aside to show it, or more and lower to alter the elevation from it.


-You can purchase all sorts of upgrades together with your coins. The most crucial upgrade would be to your primary weapon, because that’ll be essentially whatsoever occasions, instead of the many other upgrades (besides purchasing a new character obviously)


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