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CBD is extracted from hemp. This plant is widely cultivated in the world, because it is used in the textile industry, cosmetics or building for its insulating properties. Its culture is even authorized in Europe if it contains little THC. However, it is regulated and controlled. It is therefore not possible to plant it at home, even for personal use.

To extract the cannabidiol, it is therefore necessary to follow the regulations in force. This is why CBD remains a rather rare product.

To ensure our customers that the CBD sold on the store respects the legislation in force and includes a legal dose of THC, the products are subject to traceability and rigorous control. We systematically communicate you the exact composition of the products and provide you the results of analyses carried out by third party laboratories. You know exactly what you are buying, with the assurance of a quality cannabidiol product, 100% legal.

Resulting from the organic farming!

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Use of CBD
Different areas benefit from the use of CBD. In terms of well-being, it aims to relieve tremors or reduce sleep disorders. In sports, it anticipates and prevents post-training pain. It is not, by definition, a doping product and is absent from the list of products considered as doping by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

There are no rules about how it is used, but the choice made will have an influence on the effect sought. The most known use is the inhalation, allowing fast effects thanks to the use of an electronic cigarette or by breathing vaporizable CBD oil. Other methods of intake exist, by ingestion for example (gentler but a little slower) or by local application (balms, creams, lotions).

In order to benefit from the effects of CBD to


  • Oils: to ingest or to apply on the skin (see the effects of CBD oils),
  • infusions: to consume, used for relaxation,
  • capsules: to take as a dietary supplement,
  • e-liquids CBD and CBD in electronic cigarette: with various flavors and dosages,
  • CBD crystals: to ingest, diluted in a drink, a dish or to let melt under the tongue,
  • creams: to apply on the skin, to fight against psoriasis or acne,
  • flowers: in scent or in infusion (our CBD cannabis flowers on the store).