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(Go, Poker, Hit and Seotda No. 1 in the domestic industry) You can play the bit game after entering the recommender
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Game History
The main methods of the game are presented in Hangame and Netmarble, which are already presented on the internal Youtube. If you click on a popular video on the first screen of this website “ “, explains detailed instructions on how to play badugi, etc. In fact, the game of go is similar to poker, which is played with 4 cards, and in order to win a match against your opponent, you need to build the same or the lowest order of cards. Ace is the lowest card, and in Go it can be made the highest. In other words, the upper maid is A-2-3-4 what is called golf. It is said that the method of early play was created in Canada under the name Off Suit Lowball in the billiard and auxiliary poker club of Canada. In particular, it is well known in the United States, and there are cases when foreign casinos play go as a “junior mismatched 4-card”. This is reminiscent of the name baduk for go, which is defined based on the boundary between black and white, which deals with extremes in the vertical direction. The friendly name reminds domestic buyers of the black and white dog “Badugi”, therefore it is called Baduk. In the United States, the origin of the Doogie and Buddys Game is also inherited, but currently the Go game, a game specializing in Korea, seems to be a strong source. If you know the origin of the game, I think you can play it as a more interesting game. We hope that you will always be happy and enjoy the game. In a game that competes according to the rules of poker, the big axis is what we call the baduk game. Get started at the VIP Go Game Membership Center!

Introduction to the game of Go
Major domestic gaming companies Hangame and Netmarble offer the Low Badugi game for free and have established themselves as a game genre familiar to the public. It is positioned as an environment where you can enjoy playing Red Toma as an advisory game in adult computer rooms in regional bases and sub-regional units. Our Lulu games (Go/Hold’em/Hit/Slots), great games, beat games, Maldives games, crayon games and clover game sites provide the best service so that you can enjoy and safely play go cash games at home and in the office. a convenient place to provide is the best motto. It has been operated and operated without incident for more than 10 years, when the river and the mountain change once, and among all online Go games, such as pirate games and battery-powered games, it ranks first in the domestic industry. For easy access, the minimum unit is 500 won to 10,000 won, ready to welcome customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The industry’s lowest dealer commission reduction is ready to reassure you, so please feel free to play anytime, anywhere. If you have any questions, use the contact information on the first screen of the site, and we will provide you with honest advice. We will always do our best to be a Lulu game. thank you.