Paranormal popular culture

Ray Parker, Junior.: Singer, songwriter … fan of Victorian times literature? Parker’s hit 1984 song "Ghostbusters" for that film of the identical name (which held the very best slot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for 3 days) is obviously renowned for its hook "I ain’t scared of no ghosts." However the line really has roots […]

Cool zombie

I’ve previous reviewed books within this series, getting already read and reviewed book 1-3. These latest book books possess some new and a few old figures inside it. Book 4 starts with a brand new lead character, Nilda. Once the evacuation is announced she decides in which to stay her village together with her boy. […]

The zombie strategy

Now is Halloween, and that i want to reveal a possible danger our government isn’t discussing. Of all of the excellent achievements The President has been doing, he’s yet to deal with the possibility danger from the coming Zombie Apocalypse. Yes, it sounds crazy our government does not possess a highly publicized plan (the Cdc […]