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Capcom is focusing on dead rising 5

Capcom is presently working on Dead Rising 5. News from the approaching follow up appeared to possess leaked in August of this past year, however the project has become confirmed. There does appear to become some debate over whether or not Dead Rising 5 could be an Xbox exclusive. Microsoft has had a tough amount of time in […]

Capcom community

  Demon May Cry 5 Luxurious Edition Breakdown Saturday, October 6, 2018 By Yuri Araujo   For today’s DMC5 blog, there exists a special guest in the dev team in Japan! Capcom Unity folks, meet Matt Master. Go away Matt! More [ 10 Comments ] Leave a remark Capcom at NYCC 2018 Wednesday, October 3, […]

Archaeologists uncover roman-age funeral site of “vampire-child”

Vampires and werewolves may produce effective movies, however in ancient occasions, people required their mythological monsters seriously. In a number of cultures (particularly across Europe), people resorted to so-known as vampire burials, which believed to avoid the deceased from rising by means of a vampire in order to prevent an “actual” vampire from coming back. These weren’t […]