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(Please Be Aware, farmville is really a one-time game that can take place around Day 9 or 10 throughout the zombie outbreak in Lazarus. It does not genuinely have anything related to my current campaign.)

Things had fallen apart faster than anybody might have imagined. The government bodies did the very best they might. If this grew to become apparent the dead were truly returning and feasting around the living, all bets were off, though. Human instinct required over and also the flight area of the "flight or fight" instinct required over. Survivors streamed from the city, fending on their own attempting to achieve safety, their own families, or whatever drove these to take another advance. In small groups, the survivors made their distance to the suburban areas, hoping making from the city.

Look at Lazarus

Turn 1 – Four survivors move lower the street. Their intent is to really make it towards the safety from the Police Station within the capital of scotland- Lazarus. They move Indian file, with SWAT Sgt Thomas (Repetition 4, Brawler, BAMP) within the lead. He’s adopted by Officer Gates (Repetition 3, Slow, Shotgun), who’s still in the off duty attire. Behind him is SWAT Officer Stanley (Repetition 3, Brawler, Pistol). Getting in the rear is Police Detective Benton (Repetition 4, Slow, ARifle) He’s equipped with a completely auto AK-47, obtained from a now undead gang banger.

Zombie Knockdown

Turn 2 – A Spook increases up from ditch around the far side from the road. Det. Benton is startled through the zombies appearance, and fires off a 3 round burst, punching the zombie squarely within the chest and knocking it in to the ditch. Understanding that the gunfire will get more undead, the boys enter a run, with Sgt Thomas and Officer Stanley easily out pacing the 2 slower men.

Turn 3 – The zombie within the ditch pulls itself to the ft, and the other seems from nearby.

Creating a run for this

Turns 4/5 – The survivors keep going for the safety from the Police Station. The 2 zombies shamble along after them. Sgt Thomas and Stanley visit the intersection and wait for a other two to trap up.

Turn 6 – The zombies continue their pursuit, because the 4 men gather on their own the corner, lower the block in the Police station.

Turns 7/8 – The zombies press forward, because the survivors attempt to have their bearings and catch their breath.

A spook charges Off. Gates

Turn 9 – Our survivors required too lengthy to obtain moving. The very first zombie charges Officer Gates. He holds his fire and brings at the receiving end of his shotgun lower around the zombie’s mind. It’s apparent the zombie isn’t dead, because it attempts to return up. The 4 men move lower the block towards the door from the police station.

Entering Law Enforcement Station

Turn 10 – Sgt Thomas and Officials Gates and Stanley go into the building, while Det. Benton occupies a situation behind a forgotten sports vehicle. He covers the leading from the building, because the other three obvious your building. Because the three men enter, it’s apparent there are no survivors around the bottom floor. They’re welcomed by two evolving undead. Sgt Thomas dispatches the very first zombie having a single shot towards the mind. Officer Stanley shoots the second within the leg, causing it to fall down. Because it wallows on the ground, he "pops" it in the center of the brow.

Clearing the first Floor

Zombies Advance

Turn 11 – The gun fire attracts two more zombies. One increases in the shadows within the alley mere ft from Det. Benton. With deceitful speed, it charges him. The view of the attacking zombie united nations-nerves Benton, and that he constitutes a break for that police station. He causes it to be securely inside and bolts the doorways.

Zombies beating around the door

Turn 12 – As Det. Benton huddles underneath the duty desk in terror, hearing the zombies beating around the front doorways, another three men start to obvious the 2nd floor. They advance carefully in the stairs and lower the primary hallway. All of a sudden, a spook lurches from the entrance clawing at Sgt. Thomas. He rips off a burst from his MP-5, knocking the zombie into the wall. As Officials Stanley and Gates watch this, two more zombies charge in to the hall taking them unexpectedly. One zombie grabs Officer Gates, who fights for his existence maintaining your zombie away. Another undead crashes into Officer Stanley, tossing him in to the wall. His mind hits the ground, using the seem of the melon. He has run out of the battle. The zombie moves set for the kill.

Officer Stanley goes lower

Turn 13 – The gunfire from the building has attracted another zombie, which searches the alley at the back of the station to have an entrance. Sgt. Thomas "pops" the zombie on the ground, and turns his weapon around the zombie attacking Officer Stanley. He fires a burst into its back, knocking it lower. Officer Gates will a leg sweep, and knocks the zombie attacking him towards the floor. He rapidly dispatches it having a mind shot.

Zombie emerges from Fast Bail Bonds

Turn 14 – A spook shuffles from the Fast Bail Bonds office, along the side of the station building. The zombie remaining zombie within the Police Station, claws it method to its ft. Because it achieves this, both Sgt Thomas and Officer Gates relocate and begin to bludgeon it.

Zombies gather in the door

Turn 15 – Around the second floor, the rest of the zombie attacks Sgt Thomas, it snaps at him viciously. Sgt Thomas bashes it using the butt of his weapon, to no effect. Officer Gates moves in behind the zombie and kicks its legs from beneath it. He finishes them back having a in a position shot to the rear of the mind.

Aftermath – Using the building secure, the boys go about business. After finding some medical supplies, Sgt Thomas tended to Officer Stanley. Regrettably, his mind wound was too grievous, and that he died later that night. The boys solemnly place a bullet into his mind, to ensure that he wouldn’t rise in the dead. They looked your building for helpful products. They found 2 pistols, allowing the 3 remaining survivors each to possess a side arm. The also found a Tech-9 (MPistol) and many installments of ammunition within the evidence locker. Combined with the reloads in it, they’d more within their sanctuary, combined with the now deceased Officer Stanley’s body armor. They could not find any secrets of law enforcement cruiser parked outdoors, so that they speculated the keys might be inside it. Additionally they found a roll of Duct tape (ATZ Rare Loot table from THW site). This may are available in helpful, later. Following a time, Detective Benton regains his nerves and appears to become his old self again (recovery in the Runaway, result earlier)


Lazarus Is Raised from the Dead