Toledo water crisis: zombie escape plan – mission arabica

It struck me.  This might be it

I possibly could already see a number of headline occasions unfolding:

“Drinking contaminated supply of water leads to zombie like conditions”

“No cure available”

“Martial law declared to battle against hordes of walkers”

“Coffee outlawed to avoid further spread of master disease”

Whoa… it might be bad enough having a zombie apocalypse, but no coffee?! This might get far more serious than we have ever imagined.

Let’s say the walkers broke containment and spread their disease completely from Ohio and south to Florida.  Residing in Tennessee, I’d be right in the middle of this factor.

For that good of my loved ones and also the sake of my coffee addiction we must be ready.


And So I have come up with a summary of important products to bear in mind.

1. In cases like this, the walkers headed south (most likely for warmer weather) so we have to get north… really REALLY far north.

2. We have to go to Adam’s

-Adam is within Iron River, MI and (about as far north as possible)

-He’s near to Lake Superior that is so obvious it’s stated you are able to drink from it

–Most importantly, he can access Mission Arabica’s coffee supply over (750 lbs) and roaster.

3. There’s safety in figures, we have to recruit a group focused on existence, liberty, and also the quest for great coffee.

4. On the way north, we’ll encounter family and buddies in Toledo (when they haven’t already was a victim of the horde) and continue north. Godspeed Chris – hang on buddy.

5. Once coming in Iron River (when we ever allow it to be that far), we will have to begin to build up defenses and collecting supplies for his or her endless winter.

6. Drink coffee and live

It might not be an ideal plan, but it’s the very best I’ve develop to date.

What exactly next?

So knowing that, I believe there’s a couple of important takeaways out of this:

1. Join us… we can’t guarantee your survival, but we are able to promise some good coffee.

2. Maintain stocks of provisions.  We’ve already come up with a travel friendly, zombie proof coffee pack which will improve your potential to deal with the horde. You are able to get it here.

3. Share this together with your buddies – there’s safety in figures – and inform us within the comments what your zombie escape plans are!


Together we’ll survive.

Together we’ll prevail.

Together we’ll drink great coffee – Existence Altering Coffee.

Inform us what you will do in case your city was attacked? What’s YOUR escape plan?