Exciter – rising from the dead lyrics

Exciter – rising from the dead lyrics day they are dying

Nobody knows when they’ll come

Nobody knows where they’ll go

But I have seen their bloody faces

Outdoors my window

There is no spot to run

There is no spot to hide

And today they crawl in figures

Satan by their side

Release the terror, the dwellers from the grave

Unholy children of times

I have seen them steel away the existence bloodstream

In the realm

And iron mix now marks the sign

This is actually the rising from the dead

This is actually the dawning from the prisoners of hell

This is actually the rising from the dead

Witches and warlocks cast their spells…

Of hell

Satan’s supporters spread evil ‘cross the land

You realize dead men never lie

However when you come

Over the faceless ghost alive

You will see the haunting in the eyes

You take from all of these people

Thinking they are dead

Their hands are attacking

They are within your mind

Prisoner of hell casting their spells

They rise in the dead, no-one can tell

The very first day they are dying

The 3rd day they rise

The corpses are walking

Red to them

They’re coming to help you get

But you may never see

One strike using their mix

And also you fall for your knees

Individuals are dying, the funeral begins

Satan, he’s laughing, opens his hands

Lower towards the demon the body goes

Then rise in the dead nobody knows

Rise in the dead

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Exciter – Rising Of The Dead