Lockport-based zombie army still stalking southland after twenty years – daily southtown

Lockport-based zombie army still stalking southland after twenty years - daily southtown before high waves in the

There are approximately 24 core people whatsoever occasions however that number actually reaches about 500 come October. But Laflamboy stated the work they do isn’t only dedicated to Halloween. Zombie Army Productions at its core is several independent artists centered on the more dark arts – whether that’s making horror films, haunted houses or themed occasions, he stated.

Laflamboy’s film work includes “The Moleman of Belmont Avenue” which found success at film festivals. He’s presently focusing on a brand new comedy/horror film together with his filmmaking partner Mike Bradecich, who portrayed the typewriter salesperson in season two Forex series “Fargo.”

Real existence horror

Laflamboy could be the only person to possess were built with a haunted house sink in Lake Michigan. It happened on Halloween in 2014, when Laflamboy developed a haunted house on the barge tethered to Navy Pier. Fortunately he’d already canceled the big event before high waves in the storm sunk the haunted house. Laflamboy known as it “the worst day’s my professional career.”

Laflamboy lost 53 (fake) zombies on that day. But from time to time there’s news from the Coast Guard “rescuing” a spook in the lake. Riptides are also recognized to pull-up fake parts of the body during go swimming meets. Only six zombies have been discovered.

“It’s the present that continues giving,” Laflamboy stated.

Zombie Army Productions lately opened up up Legacy Adventure Park in Lockport. The entire year-round park has paintball and may host private occasions. It’s also where HellsGate Haunted Home is having a major expansion – together with a Dragon Cave.

“My mission was to produce a space for anybody locally, and produce others in to the community to possess adventures,” Laflamboy stated.

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