Code zombie – regluar school or gun armory? – wattpad

Code zombie - regluar school or gun armory? - wattpad and effort

When Zack showed up he encountered his closest friend zeack yo zeack stated zack whats up

– very little you?

– not much

– awesome

When zack reached his locker he looked beside him and merely his luck was the brand new girl(2days ago) he had met whos locker was beside him

he really loved this girl but he never reached speack while he had to get at class

In boring history class about 10am an annoumnce came on


ATTETION ALL Employee It Is Really An URGENT MEASSGE  turn in your tvs to channle 23 imdettly

as his teacher switched the television to channle 23 he took in carefully

**news achor**

we intrupt everybody with this urgent message govenor officals have reports of zombies at barcades so that they say listen for that zombie alram and also the evcatioation alram appreciate your time and effort which message will repeat every 2minutes

The entire class sitting in sinlance and finaly the teacher spoke up

– well gusse we better prepare

– using what i requested

using these he pressed a control button along with a gun rack apperad everything from this and yet another 2 racks

sweet i yelled

so zack zeack and also the girl that zack loved her name was angie grab some equpment

zack grabbed- body armour, army helmet, grnades, flashbangs and sticky grenades, an AK47 and ak 47 u, a rpg along with a bretta hands gun

zeack and angie grabed exactly the same things

finally everybody sitting lower and anxiously waited


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