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As well as an outbreak will occur: Regardless of its relative geographical isolation, Singapore has destroyed a lot of its local farmland through urbanization, and it is nowhere near self-sufficient. As a result, whether it expects to outlive, it has to depend on trade.

Every boat and plane that arrives on Singapore’s shores carries the chance of infection, but each and every boat and plane is going to be necessary when the government expects to help keep its populace happy and keep order.

On the top of the, the Straits of Johor, which separate Singapore from landmass Malaysia, are relatively shallow, and as everyone knows, zombies don’t need oxygen and may walk under water.

Travel tip: Don’t be seduced by the area fallacy: Secluded does not necessarily mean safe.


Some islands, however, are extremely safe. The safest places on the planet carrying out a zombie apocalypse will be arctic or subarctic islands. Which means you need to look towards Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard, and also the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

My own pick as the very best of all is Iceland. To begin with, it’s beautiful, and her legendary hot springs, that is a nice method to fight the cold. Its climate is another combination of arctic and subarctic. Zombie flesh, getting no circulation, freezes within the cold, making subarctic locales, using their periodic, enjoyable the sunshine, a little more dangerous, however in the situation of the attack, retreat towards the cold central highlands can be done.

Iceland existed for hundreds of years like a self-sufficient island, relying totally on fishing and whaling for food, and it is now mainly operated by renewable sources (geothermal power and hydropower). There’s every chance it will likely be an oasis of civilization in the middle of a global gone undead.

Travel tip: The toughest part about Iceland gets there, but never underestimate the need for buying a trans-Atlantic boat.

The U . s . States

The United States is a crapshoot within the situation of the zombie apocalypse. Although it’s probably the most populous countries on the planet, it’s also probably the most spacious, with a lot of the population across the coasts. Pointless to state, the coasts are most likely not allowed, unless of course you’re in Alaska. The heartland is the perfect bet when it comes to low zombie concentration.

Zombie Obama

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The United States might be able to handle the onslaught — the American populace is easily the most heavily armed on the planet, and also have been recognized to form militias for a lot more dubious threats. That stated, the American gun fetish is really a mixed bag for you personally like a traveler. Publish-apocalyptic nomads who travel incorrectly armed are, frankly, worthy of their fate — it is best to carry some kind of gun as well as an edge weapon (blades don’t need reloading) along with you whenever you traverse infected zones.

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