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Camp details Friday evening through

The Zombie Survival Weekend Camp provides comprehensive training around the skills you should know to outlive the apocalypse. A few days ago camp runs from Friday evening through Sunday mid-day and includes all the classes trained during our day camps, plus innovative skills you’ll only learn in a weekend camp. Additionally to first-aid, knife tossing, crossbow, fire and water, bug-out bag, Zombitsu and firearms, you’ll find out about developing a safe shelter, storing and collecting your supplies, understanding the need for night vision and thermal technologies, selecting and taking advantage of melee weapons, remaining healthy, and building and leading your team. The weekend camps provide here we are at one-on-one interactions with every trainer, as well as plenty of time to make buddies together with your fellow recruits. Nights are relaxed with a few games and adult beverages round the bonfire.

Weekend camps are-inclusive with lodging and all sorts of meals provided on-site. Sleeping quarters are barracks style within our rustic farmhouse (flowing water, bathrooms and hot shower incorporated!). Meals incorporate a generous appetizer selection on Friday night a warm breakfast and lunch on Saturday or sunday a household-style dinner on Saturday night and snacks and beverages through the weekend. Adult beverages are enjoyed on Friday and Saturday nights when the day’s training is finished.

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We are able to accommodate as much as 15 recruits during weekend camps. All weekend recruits should be a minimum of 21 years of age (sorry, no exceptions).

Camp details Sleeping quarters are barracks

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